When you should take Christmas decorations down – Epiphany and Twelfth Night

Experts have revealed the exact date when you should take off your Christmas decorations if you want to avoid bad luck.

Tradition has it that if you leave the decoration on for too long it could ruin the rest of your year.

According to the plant experts at Floral card, Thursday (January 6th) is the day you should cut down your Christmas tree.

Liam Lapping by Floral card said, “You should cut your Christmas tree down on January 6th – known as Epiphany, it is the official end of the Christmas season.

“Maintaining the Christmas tree and decorations after that date is said to bring bad luck. However, if you have a real Christmas tree and it looks a little worn, it can’t hurt to take it down early – nobody wants a needle – less tree.

“If you’ve decided on a real Christmas tree, make sure you recycle it. For example, if your tree still has its roots, you can plant it in your garden. However, if your tree has no roots, many communities have a Christmas tree recycling program or you can take it to the garden waste department of your local collection point.

“However, if you have an artificial tree, nothing will stop you from keeping your Christmas tree upright and following in the Queen’s footsteps.

“Her Majesty leaves her Christmas decorations after the twelfth night until February 6th, the anniversary of her father’s death. This is a tradition that the Queen has followed since her father’s death. “

For some, the decoration should always fall on January 5th – the twelfth night that marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas.

However, others say that Epiphany on January 6th, the day the Three Wise Men are said to have arrived in Bethlehem, is the right time to desecrate your home.


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