Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets

All Saints were one of the biggest pop groups of the 90s – and actually more cool than cheesy.

The band played an unassailable string of hit singles including “I Know Where It Is”, “Never Ever”, “Pure Shores” and “Black Coffee”.

They released their debut single, I Know Where It’s At, which hit the mainstream music charts and sold millions of copies.

But the band sadly imploded in 2001 and went their separate ways, but 17 years later they got back together.

They went on an international tour, released new music, and reveled in the kind of pop groups in act two that are seldom affordable.

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But what did the bandmates do during their break and where are they now?

Let’s take a look at her then and now and how her whirlwind pop star life might have changed …

Melanie Blatt

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 1

Camden-born Melanie, 46, rose to fame in 1997 with the girls’ band.

Unlike most bandmates who later had children, Melanie gave birth to her daughter Lilyella in 1998 – a mother and a pop star.

Her daughter’s father was the bass player for the music legend Jamiroquai.

In 2003, the singer decided to pursue a solo career and began working on her own album.

Melanie released the single Do Me Wrong that same year, but was later dropped from her record label.

They made a comeback in 2005 with the single See Me and continued their music before the band reunited – which Melanie didn’t think was the best idea in the end.

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 2

In 2021 she told i-D magazine: “I don’t think it was done for the right reasons.

“I know I did it for the money. We got signed before we even made music again. It wasn’t like we felt like we were giving back to the world … we got an opportunity and we took it without really thinking too much about it “.

Before expressing her denominational regrets about seeing her again, Melanie appeared in “I’m a Celebritiy Get Me Out of Here NOW!”

In addition, between 2013 and 2015, Blatt was asked to judge the New Zealand X-Factor.

Nowadays Melanie has stepped back into the spotlight but continues to perform with the band.

The singer often shares what she’s up to on her Instagram page and recently re-announced that All Saints will be performing at the Isle of White Festival.

Natalie Appleton

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 3

Candanian-born singer Natalie Appleton, 47, was in the band alongside younger sister Nicole.

At the age of 17 she met Dreamboys stripper, with whom she had daughter Rachel in 1992.

In the 1990s Natalie had relationships with former Live & Kicking and Heart Radio presenter Jamie Theakston and actor Jonny Lee Miller.

But in 2000 she met Liam Howlett of the Prodigy band at the V Festival – the two hit it off immediately and married two years later to have son Ace.

When the band split due to an off-stage drama, Natalie and her sister formed their own group called Appleton.

The star was a camp mate on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’s fourth series, where she took part in a series of bushtucker attempts but was not very successful in getting meals for the camp.

The Appleton sisters reunited with the band to release albums from 2006 to 2018.

Natalie lives in Hampstead with her family and often shares pictures of her daughter and her lifestyle with her 87,000 Instagram followers.

Nicole Appleton

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 4

It can be difficult to distinguish between the two Appleton sisters. Many believe the couple are twins, but they are actually a year apart.

The 46-year-old has the same background as Natalie with All Saints and Appleton, but made headlines for very different reasons.

Nicole has dated a number of famous singers, and there are still a few celebrities represented in her circle.
The Canadian singer dated Robbie Williams in the ’90s and the two became engaged.
Nicole released an autobiography stating that she abandoned Williams’ baby due to alleged pressure from her record company.

After the relationship with Robbie didn’t work out, Nicole started dating Liam Gallagher. The couple had son Gene in 2001 and they married seven years later.

The couple divorced after Nicole found out that Gallagher was expecting a child with a New York Times journalist.

On screen, Appleton can be seen on X Factor UK and New Zealand, as well as The F Word and The Hot Desk.

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 5

The singer is now best friends with Holly Willougby, Emma Buntin and Christine Lampard.

The celebrities are part of the same friendship group and are often seen enjoying brunch together in London.

Shaznay Lewis

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 6

Islington born Shaznay was the group’s songwriter.

The 45-year-old All Saints star wrote most of the songs for the band, including the top charts Pure Shoes and Never Ever.

Similar to some of her bandmates, Shaznay went freelance and started a solo career.

She had a solo album and received a Brit Award nomination for writing Little Mix’s hit singles Black Heart and How Ya Doin ‘?

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 7

The talented lyricist was also involved in the re-recording of the band Aids Do They Know It’s Christmas in 2004.

Lewis has also got into acting, starring as Mel in Bend It Like Beckham, and Regina in Hideous Man.

Similar to her bandmates, the singer is very active on her social media and reads the biography “Love is my religion” on Instagram.

She has a dog named Winnie who she often shares photos of, including his most recent lockdown haircut.

Simone Rainford

Where All Saints are now from boozy brunches to reunion regrets 8

Simone was born in Greenwich and was the one who formed the band along with Shaznay and Melanie before the Appleton sisters came in.

In the summer of 1995, Rainford left the band and after Rainford left, ZZT Records dropped the remaining duo from their label. After many years they reappeared as All Saints’ Day.

On May 25, 2013, Simone Rainford died of kidney cancer one month and five days after her 38th birthday.


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