Where in UK has most warrants to supply the royal households?

Where in UK has most warrants to supply the royal households?

With Christmas around the corner, the focus will be more than ever on helping local businesses. However, which region of the UK have the most local businesses with the Royal Warrant seal of approval?

Premier Inn has revealed it all in his latest royal studyand examine which products are used and approved by the monarchy – as well as their own Hypnos mattresses – and which part of Britain produces most of these elite goods.

Behind the glamor of the royal family is a lot of housework that goes into running the households.

More than 700 companies offer goods and services for the royals. Luxury goods like Cartier, Aston Martin and Bollinger, but also more domestic companies, have received Royal Warrants for the delivery of more “everyday items” like groceries, fire alarms, IT services, dry cleaners and even toilet paper!

The new research of Premier Inn analyzed the addresses of 723 companies with a Royal Warrant to see where in the UK these royal warranties are best used.

  1. Greater London (195 Royal Warrant Holders)
  2. Norfolk (44 Royal Warrant Holders)
  3. Berkshire (33 Royal Warrant Holders)
  4. Aberdeenshire (29 Royal Warrant Holders)
  5. Hertfordshire (22 Royal Warrant Holders)
  6. Surrey (22 Royal Warrant Holders)
  7. Hampshire (21 Royal Warrant Holders)
  8. Buckinghamshire (19 Royal Warrant Holders)
  9. Kent (18 Royal Warrant Holders)
  10. Wiltshire (15 Royal Warrant Holders)

A Premier Inn spokesman said: “We pride ourselves on the fact that our mattresses are only supplied by a Royal Warrant holder and have made us think about all products used in the royal household. The results highlight the fantastic companies across the UK, not just the big cities. This study sheds light on the quality businesses that have started in rural areas like Norfolk and Aberdeenshire. It’s also fantastic to note that while there are many high-end luxury items that have the Royal Seal of Approval, you may find many more “everyday items” in your own home that enjoy the prestigious recognition. “

Live like a king

There are some well-known brands that many UK nationals use every day without knowing they hold a Royal Warrant. Indeed, “living like a king” is much easier than you think. Crown Paint, Gordons Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Pimms, Cadburys, Ryvita, Twinings Tea and Hypnos are examples of well-known companies that own a Royal Warrant.

About the victorious counties

Greater London District has an impressive 195 Royal Warrant holders. The Queen appears to be a fan of cosmetics from Elizabeth Arden and Clarins, who are based in the area, while champagne suppliers from Krug, Lanson, Moet & Chandon, and Veuve Cliquot also top the list of capital city headquarters.

Norfolk Home of the Sandringham Estate, Her Majesty the Queen’s retreat, 44 companies are represented with a royal seal. Royal warrants have been granted to Norfolk-based companies such as Darby Nurseries for their garden plants, George Goddard Ltd for tailoring, Magpie Locksmiths for security, and Sandringham Apple Juice served at Buckingham Palace and Holyrood.

Berkshire has distributed 37 royal warrants among its companies. As the home of Windsor Castle, the Royal County of Berkshire topped the list. Darvilles of Windsor has had a Royal Warrant on the delivery of food to the Queen for over 60 years. Montmartre makes fine, handcrafted pastry shops for Her Majesty, and luxury goods supplier So Chic is known for its impressive interior design services.

Aberdeenshire hosts 35 holders of royal warrants from HRH The Prince of Wales or HM The Queen and is home to the Balmoral, one of Her Majesty The Queen’s private residences. The companies vary from the outdoor clothing store Braemer Mountain Sports to the organic butcher shop Wark Farm to Cockers who supply award-winning roses.

Hertfordshire 22 Royal Warrant companies are based here, including Autogym – car care suppliers for Queen and Prince of Wales. Charles Perry Restorations Ltd can assist Her Majesty with any repairs to her antique furniture and feed her beloved pets products from Gilbertson & Page Ltd in Welwyn Garden City.



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