Where is Boris Johnson on holiday?

Government ministers have tried to defend Boris Johnson’s decision to go on vacation despite the recent series of crises.

The prime minister reportedly went on vacation abroad with his family after delivering his speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week.

Despite criticism of the timing of the trip, Economy Minister Kwesi Kwarteng told Times Radio that Johnson’s vacation was “appropriate”.

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Where is Boris on vacation?

Boris Johnson is reportedly vacationing near Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol. A Spanish police source told the Mirror that Johnson was somewhere “between Marbella and Benahavis”.

His decision to take a vacation now has drawn severe criticism. Millions recently had to cope with fuel and supermarket shortages and rising electricity bills.

But Kwesi Kwarteng has defended the Prime Minister in front of his critics, pointing out that he has been in regular contact with Johnson via WhatsApp.

“He’s also had a year and a half in which he almost lost his life to COVID, his mother died very sadly two or three weeks ago and he may have decided to take a short break,” said Kwarteng.

When will Parliament be resumed?

Parliament is currently in recess for the party convention season. They are scheduled to meet again next Monday, October 18.

It will then be dormant until December 16, when the Christmas break begins. Parliament’s Christmas break ends on January 4th.

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