Where you can fly from Birmingham Airport – and latest rules

All non-essential international travel is currently prohibited with fines of up to £ 5,000 for anyone leaving the country illegally.

The number of international destinations available to passengers from Birmingham Airport has been massively reduced during the pandemic, but there is still a limited flight program.

Vacation travel is currently illegal as the holidays are banned until May 17th at the earliest.

There are exceptional reasons passengers are allowed to leave the country, however, and this is a rundown of reasonable excuses for international travel from the UK.

It also shows the evidence needed to prove that the reason for the trip is legitimate.

Reasons for the trip


Travel for business or professional reasons when it is not reasonably possible to carry out such work within the UK.

This includes, among other things, essential work related to critical national infrastructures such as the national rail network, national security or diplomatic purposes, and elite sports competitions.

Recommended evidence: Employer letter, professional ID, confirmation of the sports organization or confirmation of participation, diplomatic mission letter or other suitable documents.

voluntary work

Where it is not reasonably possible to volunteer within the UK.

Recommended evidence: Letter from the responsible organization or other appropriate documents.


For academic studies or professional qualifications that require physical presence or that require activities abroad. This includes international students returning home.

Recommended evidence: Letter or proof of membership in an academic institution or other appropriate documentation.

Medical or compassionate reasons

This contains:

  • visiting someone who is dying or seriously ill
  • Maternity services or being with someone who is giving birth or a baby who is receiving intensive newborn care
  • medical treatment or emergency that cannot be adequately received in the UK or that accompanies a person if necessary
  • to avoid injury, illness, or the risk of harm (such as domestic violence)

Recommended evidence: Medical evidence describing the situation of the member of your household or a close family member or friend who is being hospitalized or whose condition is life threatening, proof of planned treatment, social service letter, proof of hospitalization, proof of family relationship, or other appropriate Documentation.

A couple is getting married - but it's restricted in the UK

Weddings or civil partnerships

You can only travel from the UK to attend your wedding or civil partnership or the wedding or civil partnership of a family member if one or both of the people who are marrying or entering into a civil partnership do not live in the UK.

Recommended evidence: Letter, invitation or other suitable documents.


It is still a reasonable excuse to go abroad for a funeral, but it will not be a reasonable excuse to travel for memorial services or visit a burial site.

Recommended evidence: Letter, invitation, death certificate or other suitable documents.

Non-UK resident who has stayed in the UK temporarily, including transit passengers

If you are not a permanent resident of the UK and are temporarily staying in England, you have legitimate reason to leave the UK.

Recommended evidence: Passport, ID card, driver’s license, itinerary and tickets or other appropriate documents.

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Other valid reasons

There are other reasonable excuses, for example:

  • to fulfill legal obligations
  • Carry out activities related to the purchase, sale, rental or rental of a residential property
  • Travel to exercise custody
  • to present yourself to a judicial or administrative authority

Recommended evidence: Proof of contract, court decision and proof of residence, order to present yourself to a judicial or administrative authority, expiring residence permit, letter of resignation, letter or appointment details of the real estate agent, relevant contract or letter with details of the sale or other suitable documents.

Covid test rules for destinations abroad

Currently, passengers traveling from Birmingham Airport to the following countries are required to present the following negative tests prior to entry.

  • For passenger entry The Netherlands – A negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours prior to arrival, as well as evidence of a negative rapid test (antigen / LAMP) performed no more than 24 hours prior to boarding
  • For passengers who drive through The Netherlands by air to a third country – A negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Germany – A negative PCR or antigen test must be presented at the beginning of your trip and carried out less than 48 hours before entering Germany. LAMP tests are now also accepted.
  • Romania – A negative PCR performed no more than 48 hours prior to entry
  • Belgium – A negative PCR test, no more than 72 hours before arrival
  • Denmark – A negative Covid-19 test, no more than 24 hours before arrival
  • India – A negative PCR test, no more than 72 hours before arrival
  • Ireland – A negative / undetected result of a PCR test performed no more than 72 hours prior to arrival
  • France – A negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours before departure
  • UAE – A negative PCR test performed no more than 96 hours before departure

Passengers should not confuse the airport travel test facility with the NHS drive-through test facility in Parking Lot 5.


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