Which iPhones And iPads Won’t Have iOS 16 in 2022 According To Sources

iPhones: When Apple introduced iOS 15 this year, its engineers were already thinking about the next version. And unless the world ends—a miracle we’re still here after these two years—iOS 16 will be a reality in 2022. And the great thing about Apple is that it’s not as sharp as other companies, and every new version of its mobile phone and tablet operating system reaches models with several years on the market that others would have thrown away.

But yes, there is always the inevitability of having to leave one out.

iOS 16, iPhone supported

The advantage of iOS 15 is that it has been compatible with the same iPhone models as iOS 14 and iOS 13, so models like the iPhone 6S have had official support for up to 7 years. half. But according to information that came out this week, it appears that this veteran model and others are already out of support as their configurations are too old to support what comes with iOS 16, no matter how much optimization is done to them.

The French website iPhoneSoft has reported that “some old” iPhones and iPads won’t be able to update to iOS 16 when it’s released in 2022.” While that will certainly disappoint those who are still using these devices, the newest one will be 5 years old at that point. And one of them will be 8 years old.

Apple has continued to offer operating system updates for its computers for many years, but iOS 16 would mean the end of updates to the A8 and A9/A9X processor.

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