Who Are the Villains That Are Considered to Be the Best and the Mysterious Scooby Doo Villains and What Makes Them Come on Our List?

Scooby-Doo is very famous for the Scooby-doo gang, but what makes them a gang are the villains who challenge them to solve mysteries, and when it comes to being the best, not everyone can be great, However? Check this out to find out who the best Scooby-doo villains are!!

So let’s start with what Scooby doo is all about!

The Scooby-Doo Show is a mysterious and comedy series with 3 seasons and a total of 40 episodes, all animated. The 50th anniversary of the Scooby doo series was celebrated in 2019 and still after 50 years of the show nothing can ever change cartoon lovers’ love for Scooby doo, it was also back as a movie Scoob!

It’s one of the shows that made my childhood more interesting. Writing this article made me feel nostalgic like never before and I still remember like it was yesterday how popular this show was and every episode of it had a twist and suspense, just like The Musical Connection made us part of the Scooby doo- gang made. But I think it was all possible because of the villains, so now let’s see who are the best Scooby doo villains;

Best Scooby doo villains of all time!

So now I will introduce you the best Scooby doo villains, who have been scaring in our dreams since childhood and they are,

the creeper

In the episode “Jeepers, It’s the Creeper!” we see creeper standing on the road waiting for a bank guard to attack him, just as he gets out of his car, he searches in his car for a photo and hits the guard in the middle of the road making him unconscious.

Then, as usual, the Scooby gang helps the guard to make the creeper angry and we think it’s a ghost, but he acts more like the walking dead and chases Scooby and his gang throughout the episode. He wanted the photo so badly because if the photo had seen the light of day, the real identity of the creeper would be revealed and luckily the Scooby gang gets it, helping to catch it.

The Skull Island Vampire

We see the Skull Island vampire in the “Vampire Bats and Scaredy Cats”, where the Scooby gang visits Skull Island to meet Lisa, Daphne’s friend who will inherit the largest hotel on the island after 18 years and the only problem here is that lisa’s grandfather became a vampire after his death and now wants to make lisa one. And as you can see in the picture, the vampire is really scary and trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear his laugh. If you like vampires, check out Vampire Knights Season 3!!

As we see in horror movies, the Scooby gang are the only guests staying in the hotel because everyone is practically scared, and like the set, the scenes are scary too, where the phone keeps ringing but no one is talking, which is all good , but when the vampire enters the room where Velma and Daphne sleep and the vampire tries to reach Daphne’s neck damn scary dude, I literally couldn’t sleep in a hotel since then.

Who Are the Villains That Are Considered to Be the Best and the Mysterious Scooby Doo Villains and What Makes Them Come on Our List? 2

The Ghostly Gondolier

The Ghostly Gondolier, as scary as the name he has and I can assure you this is the scariest villain on the show and you know what the reason is?

The geniuses say this monster is 100 years old! Yes you read that right, he’s an old creep who rowed his gondola through the canals at midnight to exact revenge as he promised when he was alive. But then we found out that he was nothing but a man in a mask who wanted to scare people and he didn’t just show his face the bright yellow eyes and mouth, think what if he attacks in the middle of the night. you will probably piss yourself in pants!

Who Are the Villains That Are Considered to Be the Best and the Mysterious Scooby Doo Villains and What Makes Them Come on Our List? 4

The Headless Horseman

In the episode “The Headless Horseman of Halloween” we see the creepy riding his horse and running after the Scooby gang as he wants one of their heads and according to books we discover that his head was chopped off by the enemies in the time of the war and from then on he rises to the real world every time Halloween looking for a new head and at the end of the episode we see him getting a head and that is a pumpkin.

Speaking of villains, I’m pretty sure you’d never imagine seeing a headless man and even the worst if he has a pumpkin head in a not really funny way.

The Ghost Clown

In the episode “Bedlam in the Big Top” we see our villain, the ghost clown who hypnotizes people into doing a dangerous life, risking circus-related stunts, where we see him hypnotize Scooby and ask him for a pompous act and similarly he makes daphne her unicycle on top of an elephant but the worst is to go from shaggy to lion tamer to crazy and hungry lion. Then the gang finally found out that he was just a normal guy who painted his face and knows how to hypnotize people

Who Are the Villains That Are Considered to Be the Best and the Mysterious Scooby Doo Villains and What Makes Them Come on Our List? 6

I was always afraid of pranksters and clowns, but this one touched me differently, and I think the Movie Joker was inspired by this episode.

The Phantom Puppeteer

According to my fear, I feel that dolls are creepier than clowns, so to keep me from sleeping, Scooby doo decided to introduce a ghost puppet master.

The episode “The Backstage Rage” starts with the gang entering a puppet theater for some reason and like other villains even the puppeteer has the creepiness that is demanded. And he’s one of the creepy dudes I get personally threatened with when he tries to kill the gang using various techniques like pushing shaggy backstage or nearly killing Velma by dropping a fan on her. He does it all to protect his secret from the outside world, putting his name on our list of best Scooby doo villains.

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