Who is Dominic Raab? Deputy PM removed as Foreign Secretary

Dominic Raab was dismiss from his position as Foreign Secretary to Boris Johnson, but remains Cabinet Secretary.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland, and Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick were all kicked out of the Cabinet and will return to the back seats on Downing Street.

Amanda Milling, the party’s co-chair, is also out, while Liz Truss and Michael Gove will take on new offices as part of the Prime Minister Cabinet reshuffle .

But who is Dominic Raab and what are his new tasks in parliament? Here’s what you need to know.

Who is Dominic Raab?

Dominic Raab is a former Secretary of Commerce and State and is currently a Conservative MP for Esher and Walton.

The 47-year-old began his political career in 2006 and was first elected to parliament four years later, in 2010.

After five years as a backbencher, Raab became junior justice minister and played an important role in the exit campaign during the 2016 EU referendum.

The Brexiteer was then fired by Theresa May but returned to the government as Justice Minister in June 2017 and held various positions until he resigned in November 2018.

After Ms. May’s resignation, he rejoined the government and was promoted to Foreign Secretary by Boris Johnson after a failed leadership offer.

Why was Dominic Raab dismissed as foreign minister and who will replace him?

Opposition parties are demanding that Raab resign or be dismissed after he was in August for dealing with the Evacuations in Afghanistan.

The former foreign minister has been widely criticized for his decision to continue his vacation in Crete while the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

He came under further fire after it was revealed that he had not contacted the Afghan government to discuss evacuation plans for stranded translators.

After her effective role in negotiating successful post-Brexit trade deals around the world, Liz Truss, Foreign Trade Minister, will replace Raab as Foreign Minister.

Ms. Truss, who will become the UK’s second ever Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, will also retain her role as Secretary of State for Women and Equality.

What is Dominic Raab’s new position within the Conservative Party?

After his demotion from Foreign Minister, Mr. Raab was appointed Minister of Justice, Lord Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister.

As the first foreign minister, the Conservative MP was already the de facto deputy of the British government and previously represented the prime minister when he was hospitalized with coronavirus last spring.

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