Who is eligible for a Cold Weather Payments, and what temperature does it have to be before it is paid

If you want to turn on the heater but can’t justify the cost, don’t worry.

Certain beneficiaries can access a cold weather payment to warm their homes during the winter months.

The program runs from November to March each year and those who receive the money are entitled to £ 25 for each seven-day consecutive period that a local weather station predicts the temperature or zero degrees Celsius or below.

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Yesterday the government confirmed the 2021/22 winter program and announced that last year’s program resulted in payments of more than £ 100 million.

So who is entitled to a cold weather payment? Here’s what we know

Who is entitled to a cold weather payment?

When you receive certain services, you should receive your cold weather payment automatically. This means that you do not have to contact either the Jobcenter Plus or the pension service.

Automatic payment should be received by those who claim, provided they also meet the other criteria for their cash:

  • Retirement assets

  • Universal credit

  • social care

  • Income-related unemployment benefit

  • Income-related employment and support allowance

  • Assistance for mortgage interest

When you apply for a pension credit, you don’t have to meet any other criteria to receive your money.

When you apply for Universal Credit, you receive payment if you have a child with a disability.

For anyone else, you cannot be employed or self-employed to receive the money, and you must also have an illness and disability or have a child under 5 living with you to receive the money.

For either income-related unemployment benefit or income support, you must apply for this benefit and receive a disability or retirement benefit, have a disabled child, apply for a child tax deduction that includes a disability element, or have a child under the age of 5 living with you.

If you are on earnings-related employment and support allowance, you are likely part of an employment-based support group, but if not you can still receive a cold weather benefit if you have a severe or increased disability premium, a retiree premium, a living child under the age of 5 , a disabled child or you apply for the child allowance with a disability.

Finally, if you have mortgage assistance assistance, you may be eligible for a cold weather payment this winter season. You must apply for this and receive a premium for severe or increased disability, a pensioner’s premium, a disabled child, a child tax credit with a disability or a child under the age of 5 living with you.

If you meet the criteria and do not have your money, contact the Jobcenter Plus or the pension service for more details.

If none of these conditions apply and you think you cannot get a cold weather payment, it is worth taking a look at the winter fuel allowance or the warm home discount as you may be eligible.

If it doesn’t and you need help paying for the heating this winter, then you should check out the £ 500M Government Household Support Fund. This is a special money pot that is given to the local authorities to help people warm their homes during the colder months, among other things.


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