Who is Matt Hancock's wife Martha and do they have children

Health Secretary Matt Hancock makes headlines for all the wrong reasons after he was caught by CCTV kissing his parliamentary adviser and friend Gina Coladangelo passionately.

The grainy, yet devastating photos were taken by a surveillance camera and appear to have originated in his office, where he regularly makes zoom appearances around the country. Leeds Live Reports.

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The Minister of Health has not yet commented on the photos, and his wife has appeared dignified and serene in front of the world press that appears to be lounging outside her London home.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told the BBC: “There has long been a complete difference between what people do in their work … and what they do in their personal lives.”

That excuse will likely not be enough for Hancock, whose job has already been challenged due to a series of scandals surrounding his performance as Minister of Health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s unusual for the Health Secretary’s personal life to come into the spotlight, but it has compelled many to wonder what Matt Hancock’s wife thinks of the photos – so who is Martha Hancock and when did they get married?

Who is Martha Hancock?

Martha Hancock, née Martha Hoyer Millar, is an osteopath who generally likes to stay away from the public.

However, she comes from a well-known family, with her grandfather Frederick Miller being 1st Baron Inchyra and a British diplomat who served as ambassador to West Germany in 1955.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock with Advisor Gina Coladangelo (left) outside the BBC Broadcasting House in London earlier this year

How many children do Matt and Martha Hancock have?

Matt and Martha Hancock have three children, the youngest was born in 2013. Hancock has openly advocated flexible paternity leave for fathers – and decided to postpone his own vacation to a parliamentary break so he can spend longer time with his newborns.

The couple live in Little Thurlow in Matt Hancock’s West Suffolk constituency, but also reside in London so the Secretary of Health can balance his parliamentary work with his constituency work and family responsibilities.

When did Matt Hancock marry Martha?

Matt and Martha Hancock are married around 15 years after their wedding in 2006.

The Minister of Health recently hired Gina Coladangelo to his parliamentary office, with the two having known each other since their Oxford days and the couple graduating that same year in 2008.


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