Who is the leader in mobile games? iOS or Android?

Who is the leader in mobile games? iOS or Android?

Which phones do you think have the best mobile gaming performance? So does iOS or Android offer better gaming performance? The results of the 3DMark WildLife Benchmark created to answer these questions were shared. Benchmark tests, which mainly focus on the overall performance of the phones, now come with the performance test offered to the player on the mobile gaming side.

Does iOS or Android offer better mobile gaming performance?

According to the recently shared graphics comparison of 3DMark WildLife, the GPU performance of the phones is revealed. With the increasing amount of time people spend on mobile games, there are millions of people who really want to have a better experience. Even without a gaming phone, most phones are now expected to deliver better mobile gaming performance.

The stress test mentioned earlier measures how phones perform when playing games for a long time. According to the results of these tests, which gave an interesting result, the highest score is the iPhone SE 2020, which was released this year with 7 thousand 874. The phone, which has the A13 Bionic processor with the iOS 14 operating system, is among the phones that offer the best performance.

Looking at the second row, we see the iPhone 11 Pro from Apple. The phone comes with 7 thousand 800 points and has iOS 14 and A13 Bionic processor. The iPhone reappears in third and fourth place. In third place, it comes out with the iPhone XS Max / iOS 14 and A12 Bionic processor with 6000 701 points.

Below that, the iPhone XR comes out with the iOS 14 and A12 Bionic processor with 5000 424 points. While the first 4 are Apple-signed phones, fifth is the ASUS ROG Phone 3, which is very popular for gaming on the Android side. This phone, which comes with Android 10 and Snapdragon 865 Plus, gets 4000 253 points. Just behind that, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra takes its place with 3000 817 points.

Below that, OnePlus is in the top 10 with 8/3 thousand 800 points, Google Pixel 4 XL / 3.26 26 points, OnePlus 7T / thousand 802 points and Google Pixel 5 / thousand 19 points.


In the FPS comparison we come across many unchanging rankings. In first place is the iPhone 11 Pro / 46 fps in second place, the iPhone XS Max / 40 fps, and in third place is the iPhone XR / 32 fps. This time, we are in fourth place for an Android phone. ASUS ROG Phone replaces it with 3 / 25.5 fps. In fifth place, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra / 22.9 fps welcomes us.

According to the tests in question, the iPhone appears to be the leader, but there is also a note. It is said that iOS is not that stable against Android and iPhones are also “difficult”.


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