Who pays for social care? Government passes controversial amendment

MPs have passed a controversial amendment to the Care Act that will result in England’s welfare gap disproportionately affecting poorer pensioners.

This despite a “rebellion” by some backbenchers of the Conservative Party.

The change means that councils’ contributions to care fees will not go into the cap, which means that those who receive means-tested support will pay the same as the wealthy if they are in need of care for an extended period of time.

Many analysts warn that this will be disastrous for the least wealthy in society as the cost of living soars. It could mean that many could be forced to sell their homes to fund maintenance.

On the care bill, Torsten Bell of the Resolution Foundation’s think tank tweeted, “Here’s an easy way to ponder the problem the government created: if you own a £ 1 million home in your home districts, over 90% is yours Fortune If you have a Hartlepool townhouse (£ 70,000 worth) you can lose almost anything. “

Who pays social assistance?

The level of social security contributions will change from October 2023.

  • The £ 86,000 Social Security ceiling, the maximum you can pay for grooming during your life, only covers personal hygiene such as helping with washing or getting dressed
  • It does not cover living expenses such as food, energy bills, or accommodation
  • After people reach the £ 86,000 ceiling, personal hygiene will be paid for by the local authorities
  • You may need to contribute from your wealth or savings

Under the new government proposal, if you had a fortune of £ 100,000, you’d end up with just £ 20,000.

Those with a starting net worth of £ 270,000 are left with £ 184,000 while at £ 500,000 you have a whopping £ 414,000.

As a result, many have criticized the welfare proposal for favoring wealthier families.

The £ 86,000 social cap is a soft cap with guidance that says “People remain accountable for their daily cost of living throughout their care journey, even after they hit the cap.”


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