Why do people say white rabbits? Why pinch punch first of the month?

On the first day of every month, you can hear people say, “Punch Punch First of the Month”.

But there is another widespread superstition that is spread monthly in North America and the UK.

When you wake up on the first day, it is a custom that has been practiced since the Middle Ages to say “white rabbits” as a good luck charm before noon.

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In fact, during World War II, it was customary among the RAF crew to say white rabbits when they woke up, in hopes that it would protect them from the dogfights of the day ahead.

Why do people say a pinch of punch on the first of the month?

The pinch punch on the first of the month is said to have its origin in the very superstitious so-called “dark ages”, in which the belief in ghosts and evil forces was widespread.

Some cultural historians claim that those who believed in witches would use a pinch of salt to weaken the mythical women and drive away evil spirits that could harm the harvest.

Others say it didn’t date until the 18th century, when US President George Washington met Indian tribes on the first day of each month.

He would deliver fruit punch to which he added a pinch of salt.

However, no clear provenance is entirely reliable and, ironically, should be viewed with caution.

Why do people say white rabbits?

Saying white rabbits on the first of the month is said to bring good luck for weeks to come, it is believed to date from the early 20th century.

Rabbits have been associated with wealth and happiness for hundreds of years. The rabbit is considered the most sought-after Chinese zodiac animal and represents fertility and renewal.

This could easily be carried over to North America and the UK as the arrival of baby rabbits means the arrival of spring.

Though considered cruel by much of today’s society, lucky rabbits’ feet were sold to US companies across the UK in the 1990s.

At least one of these companies used anti-black slurries and stories to promote their products.

Former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt is said to have a lucky rabbit foot and said “rabbit rabbit” every month.

Another popular theory is that it comes from the 1909 book Notes and Queries.

The author writes: “My two daughters have a habit of saying ‘rabbits!’ to say. on the first day of each month. The word has to be spoken aloud and be the first word of the month. It brings luck for that month. Other kids I find use the same formula. “

One letter in response wrote that white rabbits must have a “chimney” to be most effective.

Another wrote that “rabbits” were often used as a substitute for strong expressions in order to avoid evil swearing for hundreds of years.


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