Why does E4 keep crashing and going off air? Channel 4 and All 4 plagued with broadcasting issues

Fans of married At First Sight were puzzled after E4 aired a retry episode instead of the finale last night.

It comes as Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, and All 4 either crashed or went completely off the air over the past week due to a number of technical issues.

The problems started last weekend when viewers reported issues such as freezing for up to 25 minutes, blank screens, repetitive glitches and flashing images.

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Channel 4 and its associated channels will continue to be plagued by problems until this week.

In the latest edition, MAFS UK fans saw a rerun instead of the much-anticipated finale, with E4 heading to Twitter to apologize again.

So why does E4 keep crashing and what did Channel 4 say about the persistent transmission problems? Here are the facts.

Why does E4 keep crashing?

Red Bee Media, which runs Channel 4 and 5’s playout services, said the initial disruption earlier this week was due to an “activation of fire-fighting systems” reportedly caused by a fire at the London distribution center on Saturday night.

As a result, All 4 was partially down for certain periods earlier this weekend, meaning TV fans couldn’t watch their favorite shows live online either.

E4 + 1 and Film 4 are also affected by the problems.

Down Detector reported further peaks in complaints on Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

Why did E4 air a rerun of Married At First Sight UK?

As for last night’s technical issues with E4 inadvertently playing a rerun of Married At First Sight instead of the grand finale, it is again due to the ongoing technical issues the broadcaster is facing.

In a statement released last night, E4 said, “We are aware that yesterday’s episode of #MAFSUK will be played tonight and we apologize.

“It’s because of our ongoing technical problems that we’re working hard on.”

The broadcaster has since confirmed that the finale of “Married At First Sight” will air tonight, Friday, October 1st at 9pm.

The episode will be available shortly after it airs on All 4.


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