Why haven't my bins been collected? Lack of drivers and Covid-19 leads to rubbish pick-up delays

When we dispose of our rubbish, it usually doesn’t take long for the garbage collectors to come and collect it.

But there are new concerns about our garbage bags piling up after a truck driver shortage hit some communities.

The issues are believed to primarily affect garden waste, according to a Local Government Association (LGA) spokesman who spoke with the BBC.

However a LGA report showed that almost half of the councils in England and Wales did not maintain normal garbage collection.

You might want to know: Why wasn’t my trash can picked up? And what are the councils doing to address the problems? Here’s what we know

Why weren’t my bins picked up?

If you do not have your garbage cans picked up yet, this is due to the self-isolation of the staff due to the coronavirus pandemic or a lack of truck drivers.

The latter is said to have been made worse by Brexit and the ongoing situation with Covid-19

Foreign employees who were originally employed before the UK left the EU are said to have returned to their home country or moved to another country without any additional paperwork.

It is believed that staff at Covid-19 were restricted due to the lockdowns, while others may not have been able to access the tests needed to prove they did not have the virus.

Corresponding the BBC, 18 councils have problems with their garbage collections. These are: Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Dartford Council, Dundee Council, Derby City Council, Manchester Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Milton Keynes Council, North Norfolk District Council, South Holland District Council, Cambridge County Council, South Cambridgeshire County Council, Peterborough City Council, Rossendale Borough Council, Teignbridge District Council, Torbay Council, North Devon Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council and South Ribble Council.

What are the councils doing to address the issues?

There are a few things that the councils are doing to resolve the garbage collection problems. The first is that some councils have delayed the collection of recycled waste so they can collect general waste.

Others have asked the government to give truck drivers from Europe temporary visas so they can pick up the garbage.

Some councils have also called for DVLA applications to be accelerated by drivers so that they can work faster.

And waste disposal companies offer their own incentives, including an entry bonus and salary increases.

Jane Pateman, Human Resources Manager for one of them, Biffa, said WalesOnline: “We are working hard to recruit new drivers and, in addition to great perks, we also offer good pay and extensive training.”

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