Why Is Merrick Garland’s DOJ Carrying Water for Bill Barr?

Last night, The Washington Post reported Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance installed a grand jury in his ongoing criminal investigation against the Trump Organization. It’s a big step. There is now a real possibility that Trump, his family, or high-ranking officials in his organization could face financial crimes charges.

However, the work of the prosecution (and the work of New York Attorney General Letitia James, whose investigation into the Trump Organization recently received a criminal focus) is largely a cleanup. They are investigating Trump’s business crimes, and much of this alleged wrongdoing could be prosecuted years before he became president.

I’m happy that prosecutors Trump come for closer somethingbut holding him accountable for the crimes he appears to have committed when he was president is even more important to the republic. Trump’s federal misconduct – his obstruction of justice, abuse of power, his administration’s use of the White House for crouching products – are the things future presidents will emulate or avoid, depending on whether prosecutors are ready to bring Trump to court to deliver.

I’m just not sure if the institutionalists in the Biden administration are ready to do this job.

On Monday, the Justice Department filed notice that it would appeal a court ruling ordering the publication of a controversial legal memo that would reveal the length of Donald Trump’s protection by former Attorney General Bill Barr. As early as 2019, Barr cited the memo as the basis for his allegation that the Mueller investigation found Trump not guilty of obstructing the prosecution. Earlier this month, however, Judge Amy Berman Jackson found that the former attorney general “insincere. ”She ordered the publication of the internal memo at the request of the Freedom of Information Act. In response, Merrick Garland’s DOJ released part of the memo and then appealed Jackson’s motion to release the rest.

Although efforts by surveillance organizations to gain access to this memo began as early as 2019, this call marks the first time the Garland Justice Department is considering the case. With all of the usual legal hocus-pocus pertaining to the issue, there is some confusion about what the Garland Justice Department is actually doing. But here are the main points.

The memo, according to Barr, was written by the Office of Legal Council, which is generally responsible for providing untested opinions on what the government can and cannot do. Barr alleged that he relied on the memo to consider whether Mueller’s findings were criminal offenses. Judge Jackson, however, ruled that Barr’s office interfered in the memo from the start, meaning that it represents his strategic thinking about what to do because the Mueller report uncovered ten cases of Donald Trump obstructing justice Has.


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