Why is Wetherspoons running out of beer?

We’ve all had to get used to empty supermarket shelves in the past few weeks, but you know things get serious when Wetherspoons runs out of beer.

The giant pub chain admitted this week that some of its branches have indeed run out of some drinkers’ favorite beers as there is still a shortage of truck drivers.

This shortage of truck drivers has hit a number of retail and hospitality companies recently, leaving consumers very frustrated.

Is Wetherspoons running out of beer?

Wetherspoons has announced that Carling, Coors and Bud Light shipments are affected by supply chain issues and may not be available in some pubs.

The company has apologized for the inconvenience but has not yet provided any details on when the supply chain issues could be resolved.

Why are deliveries taking so long?

Supply chains around the world have been under pressure in the past few weeks and months as economies emerged from the worst of the pandemic.

That’s not all. The Road Haulage Association estimates the UK is currently short of around 100,000 truck drivers, making the problem worse.

Since Brexit, it has been more difficult for companies to recruit drivers from the European Union, while the transport sector has long-term recruitment problems.

Because trucking requires so much time without friends and family and such long hours, transportation companies have struggled to recruit younger employees in recent years.

Wetherspoon apologized for the inconvenience to its customers

What are people saying on social media?

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has long been an outspoken supporter of Brexit and even went so far that he has half a million Pro-Brexit beer mat printed and distributed in its pubs.

So, maybe inevitably, he’s toasted a bit on social media now that his business is running out of some of his most popular beers, apparently in part due to the Brexit-related labor shortage.

As early as June, Martin called for the post-Brexit immigration restrictions to be relaxed, as Wetherspoons had difficulties recruiting bar staff after reopening.


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