Why PlayStation 5 Is So Big

Why PlayStation 5 Is So Big

Estimates after Sony’s presentation of the PlayStation 5’s design indicated that the next-generation console would be the largest PlayStation ever. However, it turned out that the console was larger designed for cooling.

Sony presented a detailed overview of the design of the console and the games coming to the PlayStation 5 with the event organized last week. While we saw the new-generation console in general terms, the real-life dimensions were a question mark in the mind.

Social media estimates roughly revealed the size of the console based on the size of the disc. The PlayStation 5, which is expected to be about 35-36 cm in height, is probably the largest PlayStation model ever. But apparently there is an important and valid reason for the console’s large size.

Why PlayStation 5 has a bigger design: advanced cooling system

Matt MacLaurin, head of PlayStation UI design, answered questions about PlayStation 5 on his LinkedIn page. When asked why the system was so large and bulky, MacLaurin simply responded as ‘heat’.

“The current hardware generation is like small supercomputers. The 7nm process offers incredible heat efficiency for power, but the power is extremely high, ”said MacLaurin. said. In short, although PlayStation 5 has a successful processor in heat management, the performance generates high heat and a “robust” cooling system is required to make this performance permanent.

PS5 will be bigger than all previous generation consoles if the predictions are correct. Also, the standard version, including the disc drive, competes in width with the PS3. Cooling such a powerful console can require significant changes to the fans. Simon Rutter, president of Sony Europe, said “great efforts have been made” to make the PS5 quieter than the PS4.


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