Why won’t Twitter let you retweet without commenting?

The social network changes one of its functions to promote interactivity. But without consulting the users.

In the social network Twitter you can do several things with a tweet. Two of them are to give it “Retweet” so that it appears on your timeline and your contacts see that message, and to retweet it with comments, to show the tweet and a comment from you.

But Twitter wants more interaction between its users, it wants to stimulate communication, and for that it has done one thing: remove one of the features.

Only retweet with comments

This way, whether you are using Twitter in its web browser version or in its mobile application, when you click Retweet you will see the option to add a comment, but not to just retweet it outright. Of course you cannot post a comment and leave it blank as it is, which is what many users do.

The company has indicated through its official account that this new “retweet” feature will only be a temporary change. But without a doubt a change that has been made without consulting the users. And a change coming after the end of September, Twitter announced that it will add reminders for users to read news before sharing.

Twitter began testing this feature in June, sending a reminder to users who are going to share a story without clicking the link first. After three months of testing, the company claimed that users with this feature are 40% more likely to open articles after viewing the notification.

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