Will a Biden Administration Mean a Smaller Military Budget?

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Now that Joe Biden is slated to take office as the 46th President of the United States, advice flows in on how to address a wide range of daunting problems. Nowhere is more at stake than in dealing with this country’s highly militarized foreign policy in general, and Pentagon spending in particular.

Defense spending rose sharply in the Trump years and is now substantial higher than it was during the Korean or Vietnam War or during the massive military build-up that President Ronald Reagan oversaw in the 1980s. Today it consumes well more than the half the country’s discretionary budget, which also happens to be paid for a variety of much-needed priorities ranging from housing, vocational training and alternative energy programs to public health and infrastructure development. At a time when pandemics, high unemployment, racial inequality and climate change are the greatest threats to our security, this allocation of resources should be viewed as unsustainable. Unfortunately, the Pentagon and the defense industry have not yet received this memo. Defense executives recently insured a Washington Post Reporters said they were “not concerned” or that the possibility that a Biden administration would significantly reduce Pentagon spending is unlikely.

It’s easy enough to understand their trust. Lots of officials according to rumours The upcoming Pentagon appointments, including a number of former Obama administration officials, have worked directly or indirectly for defense companies for the past several years. It is therefore not surprising that their guidelines meet some of the most expensive and riskiest military technologies imaginable how Hypersonic weapons. The expected next Secretary of Defense, Michèle Flournoy, has already insisted that Washington “big bets” on unmanned systems and artificial intelligence. Of course, she won’t be the one to pay the price when she fails – or even if she succeeds and takes money that could have been used for important domestic purposes like health care in a pandemic moment.


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