Will Biden’s Foreign Policy Sap His Domestic Policy?

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In his first 100 days, President Biden introduced elements of his “deconstruct better” reform agenda, including the American rescue plan, his $ 2 trillion infrastructure bill and a family plan that is coming soon. At the same time he has his “America is backForeign policy, exchanging insults with Russia and China, strike in Iranian militia camps in Syria, re-entry into the Paris climate agreement and much more. Both at home and abroad, his initiatives must overcome strong opposition. The bigger question is whether foreign policy will consume the energy, attention, and resources needed to rebuild the United States at home.

The scope of Biden’s domestic ambitions came as a pleasant surprise. The president has called for a new industrial policy to address the climate catastrophe, long overdue investments in infrastructure and housing, and fair tradeAmericans buyPolitics, tax hikes for the rich and corporations, strengthening economic rights and beginning to eradicate racial inequalities.

At the same time, Biden has long believed that the United States is the “indispensable nation“Worldwide. While his national security aides recognize the priority of rebuilding the strength of the United States at home, they also say the nation must lead. Climate, pandemics, and global economic structuring are new priorities. This is in addition to an emerging clash of great powers with.” China and Russia, an attempt to rally democracies against authoritarianism, an ongoing war on terrorism and a renewed commitment to the implementation of the “rule-based international order, “Which means the United States continues to watch over the world.

Read the full text of Katrina’s column Here.


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