Will mute chats if you can’t answer at that time

Despite the controversy created by the changes to the privacy terms, WhatsApp does not stop working on new features that users like. So much so that a new feature has been released through WaBetaInfo called Read Later.

Until now, the popular messaging application offers the possibility to mute a WhatsApp chat or group from the settings if we do not want to be disturbed by notifications of new messages from those conversations for a certain time. In addition, it is also possible to archive a chat or to mark some of our conversations as unread even though you have seen the new messages.

However, it seems that we want to make it much easier to mark a chat for reading later and also to automatically silence it so that we are not disturbed at certain times of the day when we are not using WhatsApp messages can answer.

The new feature allows you to automatically archive and mute WhatsApp chats

As can be seen in the filtered images, the Read Later feature will archive a chat to respond to messages later, and notifications will be automatically muted. That is, the chat in question will be archived, as we can now do, but it will also automatically shut down so that notifications of that conversation don’t reach us.

Currently, notifications are not muted when archiving a chat. What’s more, the moment we receive another message from an archived conversation, the chat will show up on the chat screen again instead of staying archived. This operation is about to change, so when a chat is archived for later reading, it will automatically shut down so that no more notifications are received and will remain so until the user can attend.

However, it is possible to manually send the archived chat to the main window if we want to attend the received messages and reply to them. In this case, the chat will be reactivated and we will be notified normally again.

Taking into account that some images of this feature have already been filtered, it is possible that it will soon be available to users subscribed to the WhatsApp beta and will soon be able to reach the whole world through the official version for iOS and Android devices.

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