Will my bins be collected after Storm Eunice? How to check bin collection days

After hundreds of years of relatively mild weather, Britain has been left utterly ill-equipped to cope with frequent storms and extreme weather which the human-made climate crisis is increasingly bringing.

Each storm brings with it devastating disruption to travel, the power supply and council services such as bin collections.

during stormy conditions, residents are recommended to do the following:

  • If your recycling containers are only half-full and you can manage, please consider waiting until the following week
  • Please ensure lids on food waste bins are locked, this will stop the materials blowing out
  • Putting containers out on the morning of collection will minimize their exposure to windy weather. Don’t leave your containers out the night before – please put them out in the morning by 7am on your collection day
  • Bring collected bins in as soon as they are collected to minimize risk of them blowing away
  • Bag all your refuse before putting it in your bin. This will prevent waste from blowing out, should the lid blow open

Will my bins be collected after the storms?

Local authorities are warning residents to “consider how your recycling and waste containers are presented for collection” as Storm Eunice hits the UK.

It is highly likely bin collections will be impacted by the storm, as it rages hot on the heels of Storm Dudley.

To check whether your bins are due to be collected as normal enter your postcode on In Your Area and check the ‘About My Area’ section of the site.

Alternatively, head to your local council’s website.

The Met Office has issued an amber alert, with a red alert in some places, this means severe weather could impact your plans, local services such as bin collections and there is a potential danger to life.

“You should think about changing your plans and taking action to protect yourself and your property,” the Met Office says.

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