Will the pandemic end in 2022? Shock report suggests worst of Covid is nearly over

Will the pandemic end in 2022? We may enter our third year of the coronavirus pandemic, but a report from the World Health Organization suggests 2022 could be the last

WHO chief is optimistic that the world can defeat Covid in 2022 (

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The world was hoping life would return to normal in 2021, but Covid-19 continued to rise throughout the year.

Since its occurrence in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, Covid has caused 1.8 million deaths in 2020 and another 3.5 million deaths in their occupations in 2021.

After two years of living with restrictions and bans, the global coronavirus threat remains high in the New Year as the Omicron variant continues to rise, leading to a surge in hospital admissions.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) delivered optimistic news at a press conference on December 29, 2021. Here you will find everything you need to know about the possible end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Will the pandemic end in 2022?

WHO chief says Covid could end in 2022 if rich countries don’t hoard vaccines


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The WHO announced that 2022 could be the year in which the acute stage of the Covid pandemic ends worldwide.

Although WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus said he was “very concerned” about the more easily transmissible variant of Omicron, he was optimistic that the world will defeat the virus.

However, he stressed the need for countries to work together to slow the spread and warned against “vaccine hoarding” by wealthy countries.

The WHO chief said refresher programs in rich countries could cause low-income countries to fall short again and urged wealthy country leaders and manufacturers to work together to meet the 70% vaccination target by July 2022 .

He said, “This is the time to rise above short-term nationalism and protect populations and economies from future variants by ending global vaccine inequality.

“We have 185 days to go before we reach 70 percent by the beginning of July 2022. And the clock starts now. “

What do experts say about the end of the pandemic?

Experts believe vaccinating the younger population is the next step in the fight against the virus


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Experts believe the Covid situation we are in right now is “very challenging” but that empowering people adequately over the next three or four months could ease the burden on the NHS.

Dr. Anil Mehta, General Practitioner and Head of Primary Care in North East London, told Sky News : “So far the queues for boosters have been very promising. People want to do the right thing and that is remarkably humiliating for us.”

Dr. Mehta believes the challenge will lie in the supply of vaccines. He noted that while there are many vaccines out there, providing those doses to the sites – and making sure there are enough drivers for them – can slow things down.

He added that vaccinating younger populations is the “inevitable next step” as Covid continues to rise in schools and colleges.

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