Will the ‘Tokyo Olympics’ Further Wreck Florida?

At first the headline looked like something The onion. Florida has thrown its hat in the ring to host the postponed 2020 Olympic Games due to take place in Tokyo this summer. Since 80 percent of the population of Japan Florida’s Trumpist administration believes that hosting a super-spreader event in the middle of a pandemic may not be the best use of resources or be worth the risk, even if that foot sinks into the Atlantic due to global warming.

The state’s chief financial officer who filmed Jimmy Patronis sent a letter To the International Olympic Committee, “Today I am writing to encourage you to consider moving the 2021 Olympics from Tokyo, Japan to the United States of America, and Florida in particular.” Patronis customarily kissed the rump of his Trumpist Governor Ron DeSantis for his “handling” of the pandemic and wrote: “When most of the major states closed their economies, we were fortunate to have a governor who recognized the important balance between the Combating the virus and keeping the economy open. ”

That is of course a lie. DeSantis’ “handling” of the pandemic was a disaster. Despite its efforts to keep the harmful health effects a secret, we know that Florida has reported more than 25,500 deaths and 1.67 million coronavirus cases. This is the fourth largest US state overall.

Patronis even included their phone number in the public letter to encourage the global super spreader to come into their state. Florida’s efforts have had so much immediate impact that the media asked Joe Biden’s spokesman Jen Psaki on the possibility. She referred people to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee. The latter reiterated his support for Tokyo calling Patronis’ trick a rogue stunt apparently meant to buff the state’s reputation and kiss its boss’s bum more than a serious effort.

But let’s take it seriously for a moment and consider what it would mean for Florida to host the Olympics. This is a state that has been brought to its knees by DeSantis, with rising Covid rates, massive tax breaks for the rich, persistent poverty and police violence. Florida is one of the poorest states in the country, despite the ostentatious wealth of some of its residents. 7 percent of the population live on less than $ 10,000 a year. Now imagine if the Olympic Games come to the city in this crisis. It’s a recipe for dystopia. Given the debt, displacement, and hypermilitarization that the Olympics bring to protect the rich from the poor, one is tempted to argue that Florida’s masses are unable to tell the difference from a typical day to be recognized under DeSantis’ thumb. But as the Olympics showed, things can get worse and worse, and Florida can’t afford to get worse.


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