Will the US enact the world’s first armed robot law?

USA, New York State Assembly is on the agenda with an interesting bill. While robots are not yet central to our lives, the New York Police Department has already started using the Boston Dynamics Digidog robot. But New York City Councilor Ben Kallos is against the armed use of a robot called DigiDog. So, how was the first fuse lit for the Armed Robot Law?

Armed robot law preparation for Boston Dynamics robot

He participated in the Boston Dynamics robot Digidog in the bomb disposal operation organized by the New York Police Department last month. This image, reminiscent of science fiction films, horrified some people, including Ben Kallos. Kallos, a member of the New York City Council, introduced a major bill for the future.

The bill wants to prevent the New York police from arming these robots in the future. MP Kallos stated that he is not against the use of bomb disposal robots. However, Kallos does not want armed robot troops roaming the streets in the future.

This bill of Kallos does not prohibit auxiliary robots in accordance with the sensitivities of the councilor. This local ban has not yet been issued in the New York Parliament. Despite this, even the debate over the law made the theories consider robots a danger.

Although the use of robots to clear bombs sparked discussion, it turned out that the police also used Digidog in one raid. However, the robot’s search for the house after the raid put the bill even more on the agenda. Furthermore, there are no armed robots in our lives yet. As far as is known, however, the US military is experimenting in this direction.

The most interesting analogy for the Boston Dynamics robot Digidog comes from the Black Mirror series. The Digidog robot is almost the same as the one we see in Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 5.

Metalhead, one of Black Mirror’s most thrilling episodes, chronicles the unstoppable progress of a Digidog-esque robot. This chapter discussed the theory that robots threaten human life.

The fictional video of the Boston Dynamics robot, which went viral for a while, also burned the first flame of these discussions. The video with the robot defying orders and attacking a person caused a harsh reaction from people at the time.

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