Will there be a second season of Teenage Bounty Hunters?

Will there be a second season of Teenage Bounty Hunters?

Netflix sure has a funny method of promoting shows. Back in June of 2019, they declared production starting on Slutty Teenage Bounty Hunters, then went radio silent basically until they dropped the string – retitled simply Teenage Bounty Hunters, bummer- on 15 August 2020 to little fanfare.

It brings to mind the following company strategy that people heard once upon a time.

Nonetheless, we-like several other Netflix subscribers–discovered the series apparently against Netflix’s aims, and also made it one of the most-watched on the service in August. Turns out the name, even without”Slutty” in there, was able to convey precisely what it was going to be about reasonably clearly. It helped that it was also great!

Now, having completed its too-short 10-episode year, that can be capped with a hell of a cliffhanger, we are left wondering if Netflix will produce a follow-up?

Will there be another season of Teenage Bounty Hunters?

Unfortunately, Netflix is yet to announce whether they’ll renew the series, though it’s uncommon for the support to provide upon a series after only 1 season. On the other hand, the conditions of 2020 (curse this season!) Make its renewal prospects a bit dicier.

Production started on the very first season in Atlanta back in July of 2019, wrapping in October. If Netflix had hoped to replicate that production program in 2020, they were flat out of luck, because a specific pesky pandemic ended up shuttering all projects that were meant to film in the United States over this period. Productions in Georgia are all intended to re-commence in the American collapse (AKA Australia’s spring). That is, umm, about today.

It is not known if a writers room was reassembled for Season two, or if the group supporting TBH were waiting to get the official green light from Netflix. As with the majority of Netflix shows, we are probably only going to need to be amazed by an online clip of the cast saying that, yes, they’re reuniting, or even a solemn tweet announcing that, no, they aren’t coming back. Maybe it helps that the series is produced by Jenji Kohan, supporting one of Netflix’s longer-running shows, Orange Is the New Black. We can dream, anyway.

Why must we have another season?


The show, which stars Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini as Sterling and Blair Wesley, ends with the fraternal twins discovering, shock horror, they aren’t even sisters, let alone twins.

Turns out the twins’ mum, Debbie (Virginia Williams), is the twin, and it’s her evil-ish sister (also played with Williams) who birthed Sterling. How or why Debbie came to increase both women as her own isn’t explained before the last episode cuts to credits.

However, getting an answer to the above mentioned is not the actual reason we wish to see a second year (nor do we need an explanation as to how Sterling and Blair can communicate telepathically if they’re not twins). We want/need another season because Teenage Bounty Hunters were the rare high school humour to research sisterly dynamics, coming out as queer in a Christian community, mixed-race relationships in a Republican state and the logistics of bounty hunting by a yoghurt store. It did all of the above having a spiky sense of humour, sex positivity and unexpected depth. And it helped that the two leads had dynamite chemistry rarely matched with any onscreen pairing of late.

So, Netflix, heed our call: deliver us the second season of Teenage Bounty Hunters, COVID-19 or not any. You have our requirements.


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