Will This Be The Design Of The Next Huawei Watch?

Huawei remains one of the leading companies in the electronics world. Since it broke away from Google and opted for proprietary software, it has continued to thrive in many markets, despite the damage it has done. And it looks like it will keep moving forward as it confirms the design of a potentially newly leaked watch.

This could be the new Huawei watch

The world of smart watches is very wide and there are many companies that have more than one model on the shelves of electronics stores. The victory is determined by the users themselves by choosing the ones with the best quality and price, although that does not prevent manufacturers from offering powerful models or with a price that reaches a short three digits.

Here we can put many examples, but the one that worries us today is what could be the new Huawei smartwatch. The Chinese company is struggling to reconnect with users in every possible way and is also trying to do so from a smartwatch point of view. Proof of this is this leak showing in images what could be the new Huawei smartwatch.

In SlashGear they have called it Watch D and echo that it will bring a blood pressure feature. This would allow the company to add value to the device, a device that needs more than just a sensor to measure it. And so the band has to swell to stop the heartbeat for a few seconds, as doctors do when they visit.

Of course, this can’t be confirmed, let alone assume it will have this feature just like that. What it does make clear is that it has the design of the huawei watch fit with a rectangular structure in which all parameters that the user needs to know in a basic way are visible, such as the clock, the day or the battery they have left. inside the device.

We’ll have to wait a while for the Chinese company to give more details about the device, as well as confirmation of its so famous blood pressure measurement function, something that, as we told you, is intended for the more medical part of this class of devices, but that can benefit people’s well-being.

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