William and Harry’s special bond with the Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex’s affection for their “grandpa”, the Duke of Edinburgh, were always too plain to see.

At official engagements, William and Harry were often captured side by side with Philip, usually in fits of laughter at something the Duke had said.

Both enjoyed his witty and entertaining company and admired his decades of dedication to the duty and loyal support he showed to the Queen.

In a tribute published on Monday, William described his grandfather as an “extraordinary man”.

Announcing his “mischievous sense of humor,” he added, “I’m going to miss my grandpa, but I know he wants us to get on with work.”

William shared a poignant personal photo the Duchess of Cambridge took of her eldest son, Prince George, aged just two, who was riding in a carriage with his great-grandfather in 2015.

“I will never take for granted the special memories my children will always have of their great-grandfather, who picks them up in his car and convinces himself of his infectious sense of adventure and his mischievous sense of humor!” Said William.

Harry described Philip as “a man of service, honor and great humor” adding that “he was my grandpa: master of barbecues, legend of jokes and naughty rights to the end”.

William and Harry spent the summers of their childhood enjoying barbecues cooked by Philip at Balmoral, and shooting, hunting and fishing on the Aberdeenshire estate, which was also loved by the Duke.

The trio all shared a love of polo and the outdoors.

A royal patriarch venerated by his eight grandchildren, Philip was a larger-than-life character who kept even his royal relatives on their toes.

Harry said, “He was authentically himself, with a seriously keen mind, and because of his charm he could draw the attention of any room – and also because you never knew what to say next.”

Alluding to Philip’s well-known impatience, Harry added, “While I could go on, I know that now, beer in hand, he would say to all of us,” Oh, go on! “

“So, on that note, Grandpa, thank you for your service, your commitment to Grandma and for always being yourself.”

As a soldier who served with honors during World War II, Philip took pride in his grandchildren for their own service in the armed forces.

When William and Harry’s mother Diana, Princess of Wales, suddenly died in a car accident aged just 15 and 12, the brothers lived in Balmoral with their grandparents.

The Duke and Queen supported the boys in the difficult days to come.

Philip is said to have offered William and Harry “harsh tenderness and outdoor activities like stalking and hiking to tire them out”.

Before Diana’s funeral, he is said to have told the brothers when plans were made for them to go behind the princess’s mourning community. “If I go will you go with me?”

That day, Philip joined the Prince as they made the heartbreaking procession through central London in honor of the Princess.

The Duke could be stern and it is not known what he made of the Megxit debacle when Harry resigned as senior royal king for a new life in the US with the Duchess of Sussex.

It is also unknown whether Philip knew or what he thought of the aftermath of the Sussexes bombing Oprah interview in which they accused the royal family of racism.

The Duke of York told on Sunday how Philip remained calm in a crisis, adding, “If you had a problem, he would think about it.

“That’s the great thing I always think about, that he was always someone to go to and always listen.”

In 2012, William and Harry visited Philip in hospital together while he was being treated for a cystitis during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and they did so again as a duo after undergoing abdominal surgery in 2013.


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