Windows 11: Android Support Found in Microsoft Store

Windows 11: Last Thursday (2), the XDA Developers website revealed the presence of an add-on to support Android applications on Windows 11. The application, called “Windows Subsystem for Android”, was found in the Microsoft Store and it is a non-functional temporary entry, a “seat reservation”.

The news was discovered shortly after Microsoft announced that: Windows 11 doesn’t come with native support for Android apps – one of the key features fans expect. Although the listing indicates that the add-on is still under development, the description does not provide further details about its contents.

On your page, you can read the message: “Microsoft confidential — for testing purposes — do not take screenshots or report content.” In addition, there is another placeholder text that lists the assumed minimum requirements of the component, but appears to contain errors and inconsistencies.

According to the list, the minimum requirements to run the component are: “Windows 10 version 22000.0 or later; Xbox One”. However, the referenced version is: windows 11, with Build 22449.0 as the latest release on the developer channel.

Likewise, Microsoft has not suggested that Android apps will be Xbox compatible during its events, indicating that its listing could be more of a bug. This evidence is reinforced by the description itself, which states that the part is exclusive to computers.

controversial availability

Without expected arrival date, Android application compatibility on Windows 11 is still under development and may take some time to be implemented by Microsoft. The postponement discouraged some of the company’s fans, but it’s still a highly anticipated feature and stands out from the crowd.

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