Windows 11: Bug Causes Excessive RAM Usage And May Cause Slowdowns

Windows 11: Officially released this week, Windows 11 has a memory leak problem. This bug occurs when a program slowly consumes the RAM of the computer even after it is closed.

Noted by members of Windows Insider, the crash is common when opening File Explorer windows. This could slow down PCs with Microsoft’s new operating system.

DigitalTrends ran a test to analyze the bug and opened about 50 Explorer windows in Windows 11. Task Manager was then used to measure the amount of RAM consumed by the software.

In idle mode, Explorer uses about 80 MB of memory and after opening the 50 tabs, consumption jumped to 640 MB. However, when closing all screens, the program continued to use approximately 420 MB.

Surprisingly, even with the software completely shut down, the RAM backlog continued to grow slowly. Experts noted that consumption increased by 3 MB each time, reaching more than 1 GB.

When repeating the test with Resource Monitor, the DigitalTrends team encountered the same RAM consumption results. As a result, the memory “stolen” by this task cannot be shared with other programs and it slows down PCs.

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