Windows 11: New Bugs Affect Internet And Virtual Machines

Windows 11: Launched this Tuesday (5), the stable version of Windows 11 reaches the first compatible computers. And as it is installed on more devices, the first bugs of the new generation operating system begin to appear.

One of the famous Windows 11 Bugs reported by Microsoft is the Intel Killer Network Driver Compatibility Flaw, which is expected to be fixed on October 12. Under certain circumstances, affected computers may drop User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets, causing delays in accessing websites and video streams.

Compatibility issues with Oracle VirtualBox are also present at this time, making access to virtual machines difficult. Engineers from the Redmond giant and Oracle are working on a solution, which is expected to be available by the end of this month.

Another bug that has occurred concerns the C?c C?c browser, of Vietnamese origin, which does not open on machines upgraded to Windows 11.

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