Windows 11: When And At What Time Can It Be Downloaded On PC?

Windows 11: It seems like yesterday, but in reality it was more than 6 years ago when Microsoft opened access to Windows on July 29, 2015. And after several important updates, it’s time to move on to the version, which will continue the numbered trend of the latest deliveries and is officially called Windows 11, a version that after months and months of talk will finally be a reality today (tomorrow exactly).

Day and time, when can I download Windows 11?

Let’s waste no more time: officially from October 5, 2021, Microsoft will begin its gradual rollout through a free update that will reach Windows 10 computers “that meet the necessary requirements.” In addition, Windows 11 will also be available preinstalled on a wide variety of new PCs, according to Microsoft.

Today is October 4, so in theory it will be today from midnight, officially already Tuesday, October 5, when Microsoft opens the servers and the update is available. The free upgrade to Windows 11 will be implemented in phases to “guarantee the quality of the deployment”.

A phased upgrade through 2022

New devices will have the ability to upgrade earlier, extending the process to all devices through “smart prioritization that assesses the device’s hardware and other factors that affect the upgrade experience.”

But be aware, as a result of this phased process, some Windows 10 users probably won’t get the update until later in the year or until 2022. This is because Microsoft will actually prioritize the implementation of Windows 11 based on factors such as hardware suitability, reliability statistics, device age, and others. The company expects that by mid-2022 Windows 11 has reached all devices that meet the minimum requirements.

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