Windows 11 Will Reach More Computers In 2022

Windows 11: Launched early October, Windows 11 brought several changes, such as the new Start menu, which seems centralized and abandons dynamic blocks. Also the return of widgets, which simplify the visualization of information in apps without opening them, is attracting attention.

Another highlight is the integration of more native applications into the system, including Teams, which gained popularity during the pandemic. A revamped Microsoft Store, which makes accessing countless programs, games and other content easier, is also available.

This and other news has made many people excited to use the updated system. On the submission date, Microsoft started releasing the download, but not everyone had access to the software right away.

The first computers to receive Windows 11 were new devices from brands such as Dell and Lenovo, which leave the factory with the pre-installed version. Members of the major technical testing program (Windows Insider) also had early access to the beta version of the system.

When will my computer be upgraded to Windows 11?

After the new computers, Microsoft started making the Windows 11 update available for PCs and notebooks with Windows 10. The update release is divided into phases, where machines are operated according to the aptitude of the device to receive the stable version.

At launch, the Redmond giant confirmed that all eligible devices should be upgraded by mid-2022. However, the company has not released an official schedule, causing confusion among users.

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