Windows 11 Will Receive Android Apps And More News Soon

Windows 11: This Wednesday (26), Microsoft published a statement to reveal some data about the company and news that it is preparing for Windows 11. According to the head of Windows, Panos Panay, new updates and previews of Android applications will be released soon.

One of the updates concerns improvements to the Windows 11 taskbar, which include displaying a clock on secondary monitors and the “Mute” feature to mute the sound playing on the computer. The “Weather” widget will also return to the taskbar.

The Media Player and Notepad apps received new designs with dark mode and a style more similar to Windows 11. The Microsoft apps for Android will be distributed in a public beta version for testing as early as next month — the company’s testers are already doing it. private testing since October 2021.

Windows has 1.4 billion active PCs

Microsoft also shared some interesting data about Windows usage around the world, and currently, different versions of the system are used by more than 1.4 billion active devices monthly — not to mention that system usage time has increased by 10%. compared to the pre-pandemic period.

“Since the start of the pandemic, 70% more people have streamed content on Hulu, Netflix and YouTube on Windows, and monthly gaming minutes have grown by over 35%. There are now as many gamers as there are people watching TV.”

After the outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, in the last two years, the company has also seen a 6-fold increase in the number of people using communication software such as Cisco WebEx, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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