Windows, Size And Content Of Information Stolen By Virus Infecting More Than 3 Million Devices

Windows, virus that infects the device. The damage was caused by malware that emerged in 2018 and infected 3.25 million people Windows devices in 2 years. According to data found on the ‘Dark Web’, hackers stole 1.2 terabytes of data, including much sensitive information, through this software.

In recent years, the damage has been caused by a virus that has stolen many different types of data from millions Windows users has been revealed. The size of the data that the malware collects, including sensitive information, is estimated to be quite large.

It was revealed that the malware, first seen in 2018, was targeting 3.25 million computers Windows users and stole a lot of information from these computers. According to estimates, the size of the stolen data, including cookies, passwords and user IDs, was 1.2 terabytes.

Data from millions of devices available for sale

New information has surfaced about a mysterious malware that has infected approximately 3.25 million people Windows devices between 2018 and 2020. According to details revealed by NordLocker, sensitive information stolen by the virus was put up for sale on the “dark web.”

According to the new information that emerged after the discovery of a large database of stolen information on the ‘Dark Web’, in addition to usernames, passwords and cookies; Sensitive data, including photos that hackers took of users’ webcams, fell into the hands of hackers. The virus, which spread through illegal games, software and crack programs, collected a total of 1.2 terabytes of data.

It has been reported that the anonymous virus, which was learned to be a “trojan horse” software, can be easily purchased on the dark web for prices such as $100. Data showing how extensive the event took place raised concerns Windows users.

Details of damage from anonymous software:

From about 3.25 million Windows computers from 2018 to 2020;

  • 2 billion cookies
  • 26 million logins (username, password)
  • 6.6 million files on desktop
  • 1 million photos
  • More than 650 thousand Word documents and PDF files were stolen.

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