Best Wingdings Translator [Copy & Paste] & Alternatives to Try

Looking for a wingdings translator?

At this moment, you may encounter several free Wingding translators. But not all the translators that you strike are best for you.

What’s the best Wingdings translator? Well, I cannot suggest one translator to all the users. Different people have different requirements, and based on their suitability they need to choose. And to do that, you surely need to go through this article!

Further in the article, you will get to see all the sites which will help you with Wingdings translation.

What is Wingdings?

Developed by Microsoft in 1990, Wingdings uses the combination of glyphs from Arrows, Lucida, Icons, and Stars. There are some world-recognized symbols and largely recognized shapes and gestures in Wingdings fonts.

Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 to Windows Vista/Server 2008, added Wingdings/ TrueType dingbat font.

Many other symbols in Wingdings and Webdings fonts in Unicode 7.0 were added during that time barring the fact that Unicode had not mapped Wingdings.

Now that was a short and crisp answer on what is – wingdings.

Without wasting any more time, let’s just cover the translators.


Text ( CAPS)


Gaster Dingbats

A very good application for Android is Gaster Dingbats which supports the Webdings font and Original Wingdings font. Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3 can be availed by the user after a premium subscription. The interface of Gaster Dingbats is quite similar to a Google Translator.

Select the language and the type of Wingdings you wish to translate in. Good Wingdings fonts are also taught via this app. It shows Translations and Conversions of any Dingbats. To see the conversions, translations and more details of dingbats click on More Information About These Dingbats.

Fun Translations

For facilitated learning of Wingdings fonts, try the Fun Translations website. Scroll down to locate the Translate button. Type out the English text that you wish to translate.

The English texts to Wingding fonts will be translated and presented to you on your screen. Tweet the translated result after copying it. Unfortunately, the tool only translates from English to Wingdings and does not translate Wingdings to English. You could try using a sample provided to you on the website and translate them.

Fun Translations could be used through Embed Code if you are owning a website. Cut and paste the code to embed the translations on your blog or website.

Readers also spent time on: Dwarven Translator


D-Code is the choicest site for Wingdings readers. This site is a free place for Wingdings Translator/Reader, and it leaves no stone unturned to make it a huss-free experience for its users.

 To Decrypt Wingding Ciphertext, this site is very useful and helpful. Yes. The site provides its users with many options.

Look for the text box under the Wingding (Images Or Unicode) Ciphertext after opening the site. Paste the sentence of Wingdings to express the texts or words. Click on the Decrypt button and the results will be displayed on the top left side.

To translate English sentences into Wingdings fonts, you just need to enter the sentence or word. Below the Wingdings Plain Text, type the English text and click on the Write bottom. On the left corner of the webpage, of the page you will be able to see the translated English meaning.


The translator translates Wingdings symbol into user-friendly words. There are three various styles of fonts available on Wingdings. They are popularly known as Wingdings 1,2 and 3. The characters of all three fonts are different but they convert all fonts.

This tool works on all browsers. You can get access to this software without downloading it. One of the best features of this tool is that it works on any browser without any cost. It translates texts from Wingdings to English and English to Wingdings.


You can try out the Wingdings Converter and choose Wingdings Translation font to create various posts for your Instagram bio or any other social media platform. Because it has the ability to convert a plain text into rare font.

Before posting the translated version you need to copy the version presented to you. You could share it with chats, bios, comments, social network descriptions, etc.


Calculatorology gives one of the best wingdings translator to help the user. It is very easy and quick. It helps convert wingdings characters into a language which is very easy.

It contains three fonts, wingdings 1,2, and 3. There are various characters in each. It is a very easy translator tool that does not need to be downloaded. Enter any text that you wish to convert from English to Wingdings or vice versa.

Babylon Translator

It is a Windows translation software famous for its one-click translation. It has the Wingdings translation so the user has the best research. It is a freemium software only for Windows users.

This translation tool can be used by Mac, Android, and Linux users. For Windows PC, the user needs to download the software in.exe file and install the software to translate the texts they want.


How to translate wingdings to English?

You may use the translator tools on your mobile phones or computers to decode or encode characters from the Wingdings alphabet.

Simple Copy pasting Wingdings won’t help you friend…  the typed characters after being pasted will be available in their place. Convert sentences with the help of Wingding 2 translators. For converting Wingdings to a normal text, the user needs to copy-paste it into the Wingdings text box. If you wish to automatically translate a text then paste and type a text in the second box.

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