Wisconsin judge lets GOP-led election review continue

Kaul’s lawsuit sought an injunction to stop the subpoena, arguing, in part, that it should be unenforceable because it was too broad and Wolfe’s testimony was requested privately rather than publicly.

Lanford dismissed Kaul’s challenge on procedural grounds, stating in its ruling that plaintiffs “have demonstrated no irreparable harm, improper legal remedy, or compliance with the status quo – elements that the court must consider when deciding whether to grant an injunction . ”

But Lanford also admitted Kaul’s challenge to Gableman’s subpoena to continue as he seeks to permanently block enforcement. Lanford denied a motion by the former judge to dismiss Kaul’s lawsuit in its entirety.

In one recently Interview with WISN-TVVos said he hoped the Gableman investigation would be completed by the end of February so that the Republican-controlled chamber could consider new laws. Vos also said he spoke to Trump about the review half a dozen times.

“Given the recent comments from Spokesman Vos suggesting the Gableman investigation will close soon, I hope former Judge Gableman will withdraw these unnecessary subpoenas rather than arguing further,” Kaul said in a statement following the verdict from Monday was issued.

Lanford’s ruling is likely to affect other lawsuits in the state. Gableman has threatened jail terms for enforcing separate subpoenas from Madison and Green Bay mayors. These matters are part of a separate lawsuit held in the Waukesha County, with a hearing scheduled for later this month.

Lanford also admitted the possibility of a restraining order in the future, stating that Gableman “should seek to enforce the subpoenas before this case is resolved through disregard, imprisonment, or other means similar to the Waukesha County lawsuit … certainly one.” Submit another application for an injunction, which the court will schedule as soon as its calendar allows. “

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