Wisconsin’s Recount Will Only Serve to Confirm Donald Trump’s Humiliating Defeat


Donald Trump is pinning his hopes on putting the results of the 202o Wisconsin presidential election results on a grossly transparent strategy aimed at disenfranchising minority voters and students. But it won’t work. Trump will be dramatically ashamed if the results of the recount he has requested confirm a humiliating defeat for the soon-to-be former president.

Trump’s recount game intentionally and dishonestly refuses to recognize Wisconsin for what it is: a state that is tightly divided between Democrats and Republicans. It is a political battlefield where presidential elections are often decided with less than 1 percent of the vote and where election officials know how to get accurate numbers of votes.

In 2000, Democrat Al Gore overturned Republican George W. Bush in Wisconsin 5,708 votes– a profit margin of 0.22 percent. In 2004, the Democrat John Kerry Bush struck over 11,384 votes– a profit margin of 0.38 percent. In 2016, Republican Donald Trump knocked down Democrat Hillary Clinton 22,748 votes– a profit margin of 0.77 percent.

Biden’s lead is not particularly small by Wisconsin standards. In 2020, Democrat Joe Biden beat Trump, according to the November 3rd ballot in the state 20,608 votes– a profit margin of 0.63 percent.

The Democrat’s profit margin is well above the 0.25 percent threshold set by Wisconsin a few years ago – at the behest of then-governor, Republican Scott Walker and his legislative allies – to determine the area where recount is an outside chance of success could have . The state does not cover the cost of verifying results outside of this range. So Trump and his lawyers have now requested and paid for a recount that began Friday morning. you are to sell the delusion that enough “irregularities” are identified to have the state featured in its column. It is part of a multi-state initiative by the defeated president and his quick-witted doers to stimulate the imagination that – even though he lost the referendum by a margin that will easily exceed 6 million votes and after losing five states that he wore in 2016 – he’s somehow being robbed of a second term.

From the start of the 2020 campaign, Trump put on his re-election bid for a trio of states – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – that he narrowly won in 2016, as well as states like Minnesota, Georgia and Arizona, where he appeared vulnerable this year. He lost them all in a humiliating result that he does not accept. Instead of admitting Biden’s victory, the president repeatedly resorted to “fraud” and is now trying to find evidence of it in Wisconsin with a much-touted recount.



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