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With Help From Chris Wallace, Trump Attacked American Democracy


The first presidential debate in 2020 was a miserable business, more of a verbal brawl than discussion. The candidates kept interrupting each other, with Trump paying particular attention to heckling while Joe Biden struggled lonely to get a few words to the point. Trump was manic and Biden often seemed discouraged and baffled.

Dana Bash from CNN was bluntly honest when she said: “That was a shit show.” Your news colleague Jake Tapper more politely called it “a hot mess” and a “dumpster fire”. Rachel Maddow from MSNBC described it as “a monstrous incomprehensible display of logorrhea.”

Trump was known to use sharp elbows in debates, but never has he been so stormy and eager to shout down a rival. How The New York Times Reports“Trump, who heckled and paused throughout the debate, appeared aggressive and confident, and once asked Mr Biden to identify law enforcement groups who had endorsed his campaign. The president also claimed that Antifa would overthrow Mr Biden. “

The fault for the catastrophic debate lies not only with Trump but also with Chris Wallace, the moderator, who did nothing to mitigate the constant flurry of insults and crosstalk. He allowed Trump to rant and rave without pushing back. Instead, Wallace sounded like a nervous nephew trying to calm a drunken uncle who was hanging out over a Thanksgiving dinner. When he asked questions, Wallace often phrased them in the right, as in his questions about whether protesters should be prosecuted. He also claimed that the economy is recovering unexpectedly robustly, which may be the case for the stock market but not for long-term unemployment or other life indicators for ordinary workers.

But beyond Trump’s foaming climax, the actual content of what he said was often disturbing. In fact, he used the circus-like atmosphere he created to heighten his authoritarian threat to American democracy.

The two most notable examples were Trump’s unwillingness to categorically criticize racist political violence and his fear of electoral security.

In response to one of Wallace’s few powerful moments – an unvarnished appeal to the president to condemn the violence of the white supremacists – Trump shouted the proud boys, a member-based authoritarian organization that has instigated numerous clashes with left-wing protesters and actively promoted political violence. Far from criticizing the group, Trump’s comments appeared to be designed to legitimize them. The New York Times distilled the catastrophic exchange:




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