With the MIUI 12 update, users are experiencing setbacks!

The MIUI 12 update has been eagerly awaited by users, but this excitement lingered. After installing the MIUI 12 update, users who said their batteries drained faster also shared some issues related to it on social media. Specifically, users of phones like the Redmi Note 8 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 have reported a battery problem, while POCO F1 owners are also suffering from the same problem.

MIUI 12 update issue drains users battery quickly

With software updates, you’ve cut the battery life of Apple’s old phones, but now things seem to be changing. MIUI, Xiaomi’s Android-based user interface, provides users with many innovations with 12 updates.

In addition, Apple’s lowering of battery performance in older iPhones is now on the agenda for Xiaomi, but the phones that MIUI 12 came from aren’t that old. Again, this situation where users rebelled is expected to be corrected with the software update.


To remind you, a similar situation was seen on the MIUI 11 side. This problem experienced by users of phones such as Xiaomi Mi 9T and Redmi K20 is now expanding its domain with the MIUI 12 update.

Some suggestions about the battery problem have also been published. According to one of these suggestions, the phone should be reset first after a backup has been taken. Apart from that, users are recommended to optimize battery consumption. Nonetheless, users are also expected to have a stable update from Xiaomi to fix this issue.

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