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withings (pronounced “MET stuff”) is a French consumer electronics company headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. It also has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and Hong Kong and distributes its products worldwide. Withings is known for design and innovation in connected devices, such as the industry’s first Wi-Fi scale (introduced in 2009), an FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor, a smart sleep system, and a range of automatic activity tracking watches. It also provides B2B solutions for healthcare providers and researchers.

Withings recently announced a new product called sleep diary, a solution that automatically collects and analyzes sleep data, while channeling user-generated information into a usable and executable format for physiciansAn addition to the Withings sleep analyzera unique, non-invasive, medical-grade sleep sensor, it can help reveal underdiagnosed pathologies such as sleep apnea or insomnia.

According to Withings, studies around the world consistently show that insomnia affects about a third of the population, but despite its prevalence, it is often underdiagnosed. In a new study of more than 12,000 of its users, Withings found that significant numbers may be experiencing insomnia unknowingly and despite claiming to the contrary. After initially asking if someone self-identifies as having insomnia, further behavioral questions and sleep data revealed that 12% of respondents have probably had insomnia without knowing it.

From cognitive function, weight management, cardiovascular health, aging to depression, immunity, lung function and diabetes, studies have shown the importance of sleep for overall health and wellness. In addition, an estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from mild to severe sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder. While sleep apnea can lead to serious health and cardiovascular problems, eight in 10 people don’t know they have it. It is therefore vital to ensure consistent and restful sleep.

Dear Diary – Bringing state-of-the-art sleep monitoring to the bedroom

The sleep diary is a common tool used by medical professionals to identify sleep disorders, their frequency, determine whether diagnostic testing is warranted, and monitor for changes. However, the traditional sleep diary is difficult to complete consistently and can be inaccurate, often based on subjective information.

Combined with Withings Sleep Analyzer, the all-new Withings Sleep Diary combines automatic sleep data collection with behavioral analysis based on gold-standard medical questionnaires for sleep disorders, including the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and Stop-Bang Model. It then generates an easy-to-use and standardized dashboard that users can quickly interpret, track overtime and share with doctors as a PDF.

The Withings Sleep Analyzer is a clinically tested medical grade device that helps improve sleep quality. With a simple one-off set-up, it is placed under the mattress and measures chest movements, heart rate and breathing.

It detects sleep duration, sleep onset and time to wake, sleep cycles that distinguish between deep and light, and REM phases. It also measures continuous and average heart rate, snore duration, and detects the presence and duration of breathing disorders. Withings Sleep can even help improve the overall sleep environment. Integrating with IFTTT, it can control lights, temperature and other smart home devices just by getting in and out of bed.

Designed with sleep doctors, Sleep Diary and Withings Sleep are a powerful combination.

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“Sleep Diary is an ideal complement to the data collected by Withings Sleep and gives meaning to it,” said Matthieu Menanteau, Head of Products at Withings. “Information is power. That’s why Withings creates devices that fit seamlessly into people’s lives and consistently record health data. By ensuring people have access to the most reliable health data, we’re helping people take back control of their health.” Withings Sleep Analyzer is available from Withings.com, Amazon and Curry’s for £119.95. The new Sleep Diary feature will be available in the Withings app from March 18, 2022.

Today we’ll explore what users can expect and whether it’s a product worth your money.

– Functions

Withings Sleep Analyzer is actually a product with many sensors that can track your sleep and within the power of the Health mate Withings app it can produce useful information about your sleep and in fact it can also diagnose problems you might have during your sleeping sessions . The product has the following features:

The product has the following features:

  • Advanced Sleep Tracking: Accurate data collected by the sensors is processed using exclusive algorithms that leverage a decade of expertise in connected health.
  • Medical Grade Sleep Apnea DetectionSleep apnea causes fatigue and can have very serious health consequences, including high blood pressure, arrhythmias, stroke, and heart failure.
  • The ideal companion for the night: Sleep Analyzer is a snap to install, and after a one-time installation, all you need to do is sleep.
  • Medical data at hand: Every day, Sleep Analyzer provides you with accurate data and actionable insights.
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions: Sleep Analyzer accurately records your vital signs at night, no matter how you sleep.
  • No charging required: Just plug in the power cable, that’s it.
  • Healthy relationships: Health Mate is compatible with Apple Watch, Apple Health and 100+ top health and fitness apps
  • Free and secure data storage: Get unlimited access and full control over your data, at no extra cost – forever. Data is stored on secure servers and never shared with third parties.
  • Smart home solution: Create home automation scenarios just by getting in and out of bed. Through IFTTT integration, Sleep Analyzer can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more, helping you improve your sleep environment and get a healthier night’s sleep.
  • Sleep Analyzer product costs 130 euros, has free shipping, 30 days trial and includes 2 years warranty

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