Without Chips, General Motors Temporarily Closes US Factories

General engines, the company that owns Chevrolet and GMC, announced the temporary closure of six plants in North America. The US automaker is another car company hampered by the global chip shortage.

While the company aims to increase parts inventory, facilities in the US, Mexico and Canada will be closed for a few weeks. The shutdown will affect production of the brand’s most profitable models, including pickup trucks and SUVs.

“During the shutdown, we will repair unfinished vehicles from many affected factories. We will then ship the models to dealers to meet strong customer demand for our products,” a GM spokesperson told The Verge.

Despite the complex scenario with the chip crisis, the company believes it will find creative solutions to minimize the impact. In this way, the brand hopes to be able to deliver orders for the main models soon.

According to the information, the vehicles affected by the shutdown are the Chevrolet Silverado, Cheyenne, Traverse, Equinox and Express. The GMC Acadia, Sierra, Savan, Terrain and Canyon models will also suffer.

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