Woman, 28, gets Heinz baked beans tin tattooed on leg as she loves them so much

Caitlin Neville, 28, relied on the classic staple food popular in the UK to help her hangover through and made love a permanent part of her body

Heinz Beans are a classic that are popular in the UK and this Australian is such a fan that she painted a can on her leg (

Image: Caitlin Neville / CATERS NEWS)

A baked bean lover who relied on the UK’s popular classic dish to get her through some hangovers has paid homage to them – by permanently tattooing them on her leg.

Recruiter Caitlin Neville, 28, of Brisbane, Australia, spent a little over £ 100 to make a can of the classic Heinz Beanz at Tailor Made Tattoo in Woolloongabba.

Caitlin said, “I love baked beans – they’ve definitely helped me through some of my poorer moments and hangovers over the years.

“Most people love it and find it hilarious and some people ask to take a picture for their friend who also loves beans!

“I got it as part of a collection of smaller tattoos during a session that totaled about $ 200 [£107.03].

Recruiter Caitlin Neville, 28, of Brisbane, Australia, spent a little over £ 100 to finish a can of classic Heinz Beanz


Caitlin Neville / CATERS NEWS)

Caitlin says that baked beans helped her through a couple of hangovers


Caitlin Neville / CATERS NEWS)

“I have some silly tattoos and once you have one it’s hard to stop.

“You can tell how easy it is to literally put anything on your skin.”

But Caitlin isn’t the only one who went under the needle to get a bizarre tattoo.

The Mirror reported last month that a girl who had her boyfriend’s initials inked just above her bikini line claimed she was dumped via text message just weeks later.

Megan Carey had been with her boyfriend for about eight months when they agreed to have their initials inked – though they hadn’t gotten back together until after a hiatus.

She says most people love her homage to beans


Caterer news)

The 19-year-old said he would have her name tattooed on his sleeve and she selected a delicate design of a love heart that went in the letter “J” on her bikini line in mid-August, thinking they would be together forever.

After getting the tattoo – which they warned both her friends and the artist about – she thought everything would be fine until she was dumped via text message in the wee hours of the morning.

And an amateur tattoo artist went viral after sharing her very first ink – but it didn’t go as planned as people flocked to the video to ask them not to do it again.

TikTok star Sam, @ Descendants of Salem witchesShe dreamed of becoming a professional tattoo artist one day – but she may still have a lot to do.

She recently completed her first tattoo on a real person and revealed it in a TikTok video that has since gone viral and received over five million views.

It also received tons of comments, mostly from people urging Sam to stop – saying she should have practiced more before deciding to tattoo someone.

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