Woman, 33, faces court battle over her cockerels which woke neighbours at 4am for years

A 33 year old is facing a court battle over her noisy cockerels – which have awoken livid neighbors for years.

The neighbors have been awoken at 4am for years by her noisy birds.

Jess Marson calls herself the crazy chicken lady but has failed to reduce the disturbances after being issued with a noise abatement order.

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In statements, the angry residents have hit out for the birds disrupting their life, saying the noise is “constant” and is affecting them massively.

Jess told YorkshireLive : “I love these cockerels. I don’t have children so these animals are like my ‘babies’.

“Obviously, it is not nice when you are being woken up but this is a semi-rural area and I rent the land from a local farmer.

“I was mad when I found out there had been a complaint. I would have liked the person concerned to have come to me personally instead of complaining via the council.

“I have had anti-crow collars fitted to the cockerels’ throats which tighten their passages and dull the sound and I think that has made a difference.

“I have done that on all of them but it works better on some of them than others.

“The council wants me to put them in a dark box but I think that is cruel.”

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