Woman, 35, shows off baby with stepson, 21, after affair behind husband’s back

A weight loss social media influencer who married her stepson after “seducing” her husband’s son proudly showed him his baby daughter for the first time.

Marina Balmasheva, 35, had shared her pride in over half a million Russian social media followers from her maternity hospital, but her new husband was not with her when her “princess” was born or immediately after.

A video shows Vladimir ” Vova ” Shavyrin, now 21, arriving at the hospital in Krasnodar with flowers to meet his daughter Olga, who has reached just over £ 8.

A nurse gives him the warmly wrapped bundle and he kisses the girl.

Marina was previously married to Vladimir’s father Alexey Shavyrin (45), who now looks after her five adopted children alone.

He accused her of seducing his son when he came home from university on vacation.

The blogger has known Vladimir, her stepson toy boy partner, since she was seven.

She told her followers that her bosom job made it difficult to breastfeed the baby, which is now bottle-fed.

Before giving birth, Marina had explained how she had undergone a series of cosmetic surgeries to make herself attractive to her current spouse, whom she describes as “the most charming blue eyes in the world”.

At first, father Vladimir takes his daughter in his arms

After getting home, she shared how her new husband tried to take care of the baby, which was not always successful.

“Vova told me to go to bed and he would put her to sleep,” she said.

“At this point the fun started and lasted more than two hours …

“I cried and watched him awkwardly but confidently pushing the stroller.”

Vladimir kisses his firstborn

She shared how a doctor scolded her shortly before giving birth for gaining too much weight during pregnancy – which meant the doctor couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat.

“She berated me for having a big stomach, my weight was big and it bothered me.

“At that moment I was very scared.”

After revealing her relationship with her ex-stepson, she said, “So many people tell me to use makeup – put on eyelashes and curl my pubic hair – because of my young husband.

Marina and Vladimir at the age of 22 and 7 years

“But one thing is – he fell in love with me with all of my plastic surgery scars, cellulite, excessive skin and personality.

“And I don’t want to appear better than I am.”

She also shared how she insisted on a prenup so that she could keep all of her money and assets in the event of a divorce from her new husband.

Her ex Alexey told journalists: “She seduced my son …

Marina and Alexey Shavyrin, her first husband who accused her of being his son

“He hadn’t had a girlfriend in front of him.

“They weren’t shy about having sex while I was at home.

“I would have forgiven her for cheating if it wasn’t for my son …

“She ran from our bedroom to my son’s bed when I was sleeping …

“Then she came back and lay in bed with me like nothing had happened.”

Marina now says her previous marriage “didn’t live, it pretended to be”.

She said to her followers, “Did I regret destroying the family?

“Both yes and no.

“I was ashamed that I killed the stability of ‘mom and dad’.

“Did I want to go back to my ex? No.

“Do I feel anger and hatred towards him? No more.

“He’s a good person and a wonderful father to our children …

“How did children take the changes? Absolutely calm.

“What [do I have] today? I am married. I moved to a bigger city. I love and I am loved. “


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