Woman, 56, mistaken for someone half her age and she drinks red wine every day

A stunning 56 year old retiree regularly gets confused for someone half her age despite being “alive” and indulging in a glass of wine every day.

Sheena Cole, from Auckland, New Zealand, said there had been various uncomfortable moments when 20 men tried to address her “with their best lines” – and had to explain that she has been happily married for 25 years.

Sheena said while botox can be a solution for many, the key to glowing, youthful skin is a healthy lifestyle and a good SPF lotion.

But she said it also had to do with her vitality, which means that she is “always ready to dance on the table”.

She said, “I am often mistaken for younger.

“But it depends on what I’m wearing and how much makeup I’m wearing.

“For example, when I wear my jean shorts with no makeup on, people assume I’m younger than me.”

Recalling one case where a younger man came up to her, she said, “Recently a man came over to hang art and I mentioned that I had just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary.

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“He was so shocked and asked if I was five when I got married!

“Maybe he didn’t expect a 56-year-old to cross around in denim shorts.”

Although Sheena attributes her youthful skin to “good genes”, she follows a strict beauty regime.

She uses tretinoin, which improves the appearance of surface wrinkles, and vitamin C serum sunscreens.

“I’ve been asked about the secret of youthful skin for years. There really isn’t a secret,” she said.

“No doubt genetics play a role, both of my parents had great skin.


“But the effects of eating healthy, getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise, and wearing sunscreen cannot be ignored.

“It’s all very good when botox and fillers have the choice of looking younger. However, youthful skin is also about radiance, skin texture, soft, supple skin and even skin tone.

“Tretinoin is my specialty cream and I wish I had started earlier.

“To me, it’s so close to a miracle in a jar that you get it. However, the benefits of sunscreen cannot be ignored, especially when growing up under the scorching New Zealand sun.

Sheena Cole

“Sun protection is a daily ritual in summer and winter, regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy.”

Sheena has a healthy and balanced diet that is “easy” because she loves healthy food.

She said, “I rarely eat processed foods and avoid anything that is sugary, which is easy for me because I don’t have a sweet tooth.

“My food choices are generally healthy because I love fresh produce.

“I am practicing intermittent fasting these days, which has improved my energy levels significantly.

“Life is there for life, so I have my treat, which is a nice glass of wine at night.”


Sheena said that not only does her appearance seem younger, but mentality as well.

“Although I look younger than me in general, my attitude is to look younger,” she added.

“I really don’t know how to act at 56.

“I more or less wear what I like, I have a lot of energy and I think young in order to feel young.

“I’m always ready to dance on the table when the opportunity presents itself.”

Sheena has previously had botox and admits that she uses it sparingly.

She added, “As I’ve gotten older, less is more. I like to move my face and express myself.

“My husband often tells me that I’ve made a face, but at least it’s moving!

“My focus is now more on skin quality, texture and radiance.”


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