Woman, 85, who 'died' of Covid returns 9 days after family told she was buried

One retiree surprised her family by returning to her nursing home nine days after they were told she had been buried in a false identity case.

The mix-up of names left Rogelia Blanco’s Spanish family heartbroken when they were told they had died of Covid on January 13 and her funeral was due the following day.

Due to the coronavirus logs, they were tragically unable to attend, reports the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia.

When she arrived at the nursing home in Xove, northern Spain, fit and healthy on Saturday, her husband burst into tears, the newspaper said.

Raman Blanco, who also lives in the residence with his wife, was overwhelmed to learn that the woman who shared Rogelia’s room had indeed died.

“I couldn’t believe it. I cried after my wife died,” he told the newspaper.

The San Rosendo Foundation, which operates the nursing home, reportedly said the bug came after Rogelia signed Covid and moved to another nursing home with other patients who tested positive.

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“Among the elderly who were transferred were two women who were assigned the same room,” said the foundation, according to La Voz de Galicia newspaper.

They were transferred to the Os Gozos residence in Pereiro de Aguiar, 223 km from Xove, on December 29th.

“An identification error during the transfer from Xove to Pereiro de Aguiar resulted in one of them being certified on January 13, although the identity was incorrectly assigned,” it said.

According to the Spanish news agency, the foundation regretted the “unfortunate incident”.

“This is a one-off event among the more than 100 transfers that have been made to Os Gozos since last December,” the newspaper said.

A court had been informed to reverse the mistake about Blancos death, the statement said.


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