Woman chased across Europe by abusive ex-partner, who even tracked her to Spain

A frightened woman claims she was forced to flee the country after being terrorized by an abusive ex-partner who hacked her phone and poisoned her food.

The desperate victim, who wants to remain anonymous, fled to a remote area of ​​Spain and a deserted area of ​​Sweden to escape the agony. But she claims she can never banish the fear and alarming memories of her physical and mental torture.

She claims it is part of a widespread problem where men target vulnerable women – often through dating sites – and use fear and intimidation to make money. HullLive Reports.

When he met the man one evening, he initially came across as a “nice guy”, but within a few weeks he had moved into her house and began to control her movements. When she managed to escape his dominance, he even pursued her across Europe to continue the abuse.

The tearful victim said the man resorted to violence during the lockdown: “He would not leave my house and then take over my life completely. He improved his game in Covid. I have scars on my hands and arms, I have scars all over the place Bottom of my spine – he was violent too. ”

Of the long-term effects, she said, “There is no doubt that it poisoned me – there is no doubt that it is 100 percent poisoned. I suffered so much that I literally burned. I couldn’t even.” Put the heater on.

He even started hacking her phone and the internet, which meant no applications were being sent.

She said, “I couldn’t get a job because he kept hacking my phone – he literally didn’t want me to have a life.

“Much of this abuse is committed behind closed doors. He was diagnosed with a personality disorder and I didn’t know what I was getting from one minute to the next.”

Eventually she flew to Spain from her Humberside home and stayed on a remote olive farm.

“It got to a point where I even felt I couldn’t trust my own parents when I left him. I was just guessing everything why I left the country to recover,” she said.

She says she was “offline” in Spain for eight weeks before her crazy ex-partner showed up in the same area of ​​the country.

The victim then traveled to Sweden “in the middle of nowhere in a national park” to escape the perpetrator before returning to his home in northern England.

“I came back and have no closure. I left the country to recover and that was a million miles from everyone and then he still flew to the same part as me.

“I’ve lost my home, things like that happen, it’s not always a physical blow. It’s still out here.”

She now plans to move out of her hometown “because of the memories, the association and the need to feel safe”.

The victim claims her partner is part of a larger group of men who “target women for their money and property” – some use dating sites to operate.

She said, “It’s done very quietly, very, very quietly. It’s not just him, there is a group of men doing this and I am worried about the younger generation. Women have to be very careful because of End of the Day These guys are looking for money – definitely.

“When women call about abuse and go to a police station, they may remove the partner, but sometimes there has to be a way to be safe. Many women are also silenced.

“It leaves a constant fight or flight within a woman. Once you’ve been through this, it’s a constant worry. I worry about my mother going shopping alone. It created an element of fear in which I panic about what happened to me, “she said.


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