Woman claims she was mugged after Google Maps sent her along 'most dangerous' city road

The infamous street highlighted on Google Maps was in the El Vacie neighborhood in Seville, Spain. The police told the woman it was one of the most dangerous parts of the city

The route took them through the El Vacie area (

Image: Google Maps)

One woman has claimed she was hit and kicked in the head for her purse after following a Google Maps route through one of the most dangerous roads in Spain.

The infamous street was in the El Vacie neighborhood, which was due to be demolished in 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic.

The woman said she had just moved to Spain and was walking back to her rented AirBnB from a supermarket.

Since she was new to the area and didn’t want to get lost, she decided to map her route on the popular Google app, which will give users the fastest or most direct route.

Speaking of a horrific incident on Reddit, she claimed she was brutally ambushed shortly after entering the seedy neighborhood.

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The street was in the El Vacie neighborhood


Google Maps)

She wrote, “So I moved to Seville, Spain this week and went back to my Airbnb from the supermarket.

“Because it was my first day there, I used Google Maps on the way back.

She said she turned a corner onto an empty street.

“Before I could turn around, a man ran up to me and grabbed my purse.

“When I didn’t let go, he kicked my head in until I gave up.

“I spent the rest of the day in the hospital.”

“All the police and hospital staff asked me what I was doing because it was the most dangerous part of Seville.

She said she was following her google map


Google Maps)

“When I went to the police to file a complaint the next day, three officers told me again that I should never go near this street because it was so dangerous.

“All I could answer with was that Google Maps took me there.”

In 2016, the Mayor of Seville announced that El Vacie would be dismantled with the help of European Union funds and that its residents would be relocated.

The work was postponed due to the pandemic, a date for the relocation and demolition work has not been set.

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